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Swimming Pool Chlorine and Bromine

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Pool owners are often baffled by the prospect of swimming pool chemistry. Pool chlorine is an important component of pool maintenance and with a little information you can master the science behind your swimming pool. The perfect swimming pool features sparkling, clear water and happy swimmers cooling down on a hot summer day. But maintaining this image requires maintaining the sanitation of your water with swimming pool chlorine. Balanced pool chlorine means that your swimmers won't suffer from burning eyes or complain about chlorine smell. Best of all, you'll have pool water that is clear of algae and other pathogens so you know your swimmers are safe.

Pool chlorine is a cornerstone to pool sanitation whether you're operating an in-ground or above ground pool. Likewise, many pool owners and operators choose pool bromine to serve the same function, but chlorine for pools is by far the most popular option. And chlorine for pools is available in different forms from chlorine sticks to granular chlorine and even 1 inch chlorine tablets and 3 inch chlorine tablets. Depending on your needs, you can find the right pool chlorine for you.

Pool chlorine should be tested daily to ensure proper disinfection of your pool water. However, adding too much chlorine to your pool can make your pool water unsuitable for swimming. Moreover, chlorine for pools works best in a pH range of 7.2 to 7.8 so you also need to test alkalinity to maintain sanitary conditions in your pool. It all sounds like a difficult task but there are a wide range of supplies for pool chlorine that can take the guess work out of water treatment. Indeed, swimming pool chemicals do not need to be a mystery.

Test kits are the best way to make sure that your pool chemistry and pool chlorine levels are correct. Because swimming pool chlorine is regularly distributed through your pool and because chlorine is responsible for killing disease-causing microorganisms, balancing pool chlorine is one of the most important responsibilities for pool owners. When shopping for pool supplies, you always want to buy the pool chlorine products that are designed for your pool. You also need to ensure that you have enough chlorine as larger pools will require more frequent maintenance. Convenient pool chemical kits have everything you need for regular maintenance including free test strips to control water quality.

Pool chlorine is clearly a central component of your pool water. To maintain the highest health quality, chlorine for pools has become the standard of sanitization. In other words, as a pool owner, you don't have the choice to use chlorine or bromine for pools. Make sure you have all the information you need to properly maintain your pool water including the swimming pool chlorine. You and your family will safely enjoy the pleasures of swimming.

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