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Surface Preparation

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Brush is recommended for preparing pool and deck surfaces for a long-lasting paint application.
10 in. Acid Wash Brush & Extension Pole
4 ft. Wood Extension Pole
Use TSP to clean the surface of your swimming pool or concrete deck before painting it. Tri-Sodium Phosphate. Thousands of pool supplies available with free U.S. shipping.
Pool Surface Cleaner (TSP) - Pool Paint Preparation
Surface Cleaner 4 lbs.
Cement patch concrete deck repair compound for pool deck areas. Repair cracks in concrete before painting pools and decks.
Cement Patch
Cement Patch (1 gallon)
Poxy Patch repair compount for in ground swimming pool cracks.
Poxy Patch
Poxy Patch (1 quart)
Rubberseal concrete crack repair compound designed for use in swimming pools.
Rubber Seal (10.3 oz. cartridge)
E-Z Patch 1 - Fast Set - In The Swim®
E-Z Patch 1 - Fast Set
E-Z Patch 1 -- 3 lbs. (coverage: 1.5 sq. ft.)
EZ Patch 2
EZ Patch 2
E-Z Patch 2 - 3 lbs. (Coverage: 1 sq. ft.)
E-Z Patch 4 - White Tile Grout Fast Set - In The Swim®
E-Z Patch 4 - White Tile Grout Fast Set
E-Z Patch 4 - 3 lb. Kit (Coverage: 10 sq. ft.)
This paint application kit contains everything you need to paint your swimming pool. Roller covers, roller frame, cut in brush, paint pan and more.
Paint Application Kit
Pool Paint Application Kit
E-Z Patch 21 - Clean Up Kit - In The Swim®
E-Z Patch 21 - Clean Up Kit
E-Z Patch 21 - Silicone Clean-up Kit
E-Z Patch 22 - Silicone Rubber - In The Swim®
E-Z Patch 22 - Silicone Rubber
E-Z Patch 22 - 10.3 Oz. Cartridge
E-Z Patch 23 - Self Leveling Expansion Joint Sealant - In The Swim®
E-Z Patch 23 - Self Leveling Expansion Joint Sealant
E-Z Patch 23 - 10.3 Ounce Cartridge
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Proper surface preparation is key to making your swimming pool look like new again.

Before painting your swimming pool, you need to clean and repair its surface. Surface preparation is an absolutely vital step, as paint will not adhere if there is any type of dirt or residue on the pool's surface. Proper pool surface preparation includes cleaning, sealing and patching, and will leave you with a perfect surface that is ready to accept a beautiful new coat of paint that will make your pool look great.

Save on Pool Supplies has all of the tools and products you need to get your pool's surface ready for painting. The first step of surface preparation is to clean your pool, and we have just what you need to achieve that task. At Save on Pool Supplies you can find all-purpose pool cleaners that will rid the surface of your swimming pool of dirt, oils, grease and other types of residue that will prevent paint from sticking. Acid washing is also necessary for surfaces such as concrete and plaster. Save on Pool Supplies offers handy tools such as acid wash brushes and extension poles that will make this job easy.

Proper surface preparation also involves repairing any cracks in the pool deck. For this task, Save on Pool Supplies offers strong yet affordable patch compounds that can be easily mixed together and used to fill cracks. We also offer sealants such as Rubberseal which seal cracks while remaining flexible. Rubberseal and similar products are excellent for use on concrete, wood, aluminum, vinyl and glass surfaces.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers a variety of pool surface preparation kits and patch kits that provide you with everything you need in a convenient and economical package. With our dedication to providing our customers with first-class merchandise and exceptional value, you can shop for surface preparation products with confidence at Save on Pool Supplies.

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