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Swimming Pool Fountains

Add a special touch to your swimming pool with the Flower Fountain.  Elegant and charming, this fountain is exceptionally easy to install so you can transform your above ground or in ground swimming p
Flower Fountain
Flower Fountain
Standard 3 tier swimming pool fountains feature three levels of gracefully cascading water and an adjustable spray height.  Standard 3 tier pool fountains are easy to install.
Sparkling Standard 3-Tier Fountain
White Fountain
Replacement parts for: Sparkling Standard 3-Tier Pool Fountain, Floating Blossom Pool Fountain, Raindance Pool Fountain.
Fountain Replacement Parts
Universal Adaptor Kit
The AquaJet Lightshow and Fountain is a spectacular pool accessory that combines a color-changing fountain with an underwater light show!
AquaJet Lightshow and Fountain
AquaJet Lightshow and Fountain
The Scupper by Interfab is a pre-assembled, elegant waterfall feature that can easily be plumbed into your poolscape!
Scupper Waterfall for In Ground Pools
Brownstone Scupper Waterfall
This color changing Triple Tier Fountain with LED lights transforms your backyard! The fountain lights continuously shift color.
Triple Tier LED Pool Fountain
Color Changing LED Fountain

Add a splash of fun and wonder to your pool with a swimming pool fountain. Save on Pool Supplies' range of decorative and eye-catching fountains will give your pool a unique and stylish touch that will captivate adults and children alike. The Sparkling Standard 3-Tier Fountain and the Floating Blossom Fountain are both great options for beautifying your pool and will liven up your entire pool area with their cascades of sparkling water. The spray height of both of these swimming pool fountains can be adjusted from 7 feet up to 16 feet for customized results. These fountains can also be installed quickly and easily, so you can enjoy their fabulous effect right away.

Save on Pool Supplies' selection of swimming pool fountains also includes light fountains which are just as enchanting at night as they are during the day, if not more so. Perfect for adding a unique flair to any outdoor gathering, our light pool fountains include the Light Show & Fountain, the LED Lighted Pool Fountain and the Aquaglow Rainbow Fountain. The Light Show & Fountain will illuminate your swimming pool with patterns of graceful, dancing lights and comes with several different modes to suit different moods and atmospheres. The LED Lighted Pool Fountain also creates an enchanting effect by combining high intensity LED lights with gracefully cascading water. The Aquaglow Rainbow Fountain is also a great option, featuring a rainbow of colors that will light up the fountain's spray as it streams through the air and into your pool.

These swimming pool fountains are highly stylish and will add a touch of drama to your pool. Available for great value, these fountains also provide you with a great way to liven up your swimming pool while going easy on your budget. With high-quality merchandise and the lowest shipped prices on the web, Save on Pool Supplies is your leading source for eye-catching swimming pool fountains and unbelievable value.

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