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Splashes Chlorine-Free Pool Chemical System

Splashes chemical systems are comprised of several powerful formulas that will leave your pool water clean and clear without harsh chemical odors.Take chlorine-free pool sanitization to a whole new level!

The Splashes Chlorine Free Pool Chemical System is a collection of powerful formulas designed to provide beautifully clean water in chlorine free pools. Including a sanitizer and an oxidizer as well as an algaecide, Splashes chlorine free pool chemical systems provide everything you need to enjoy smooth, clear pool water without any harsh chemical odors. Splashes chlorine free pool chemical systems are also available in deluxe chemical kits, which include Metal Free, a flocculent, filter cleaner and biguanide test strips in addition to the standard components.

Splashes chlorine free swimming pool chemical systems are just as effective and compatible with Baquacil®, Soft Swim® and Revacil®!
  • Splashes Sanitizer is a powerful biguanide based sanitizer and algistat.
  • Splashes Sanitizer dosage: 2 pints per 10,000 gallons to raise level 25 ppm (desired level: 50 ppm).
  • Splashes Oxidizer contains 27% hydrogen peroxide and will oxidize organic contaminants to leave your pool water clean and contaminant-free.
  • Splashes Oxidizer dosage: 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons (monthly).
  • Algaecide 50 is a non-metallic, concentrated formula which will keep your pool algae-free.
  • Algaecide 50 dosage: 1 1/4 oz. per 10,000 gallons (weekly).
  • Flocculant will clarify your pool water and can be used in pool filters or can be broadcast directly into the swimming pool.
  • Granular Filter Cleaner is an acid-based liquid filter cleaner which is ideal for use in all types of pool filters.
  • Cloud-Out is a revolutionary oxidizer/clarifier combination that will work continuously for 7 to 10 days to provide you with sparkling clear water.
  • Cloud-Out dosage: 1 lb. per 12,000 gallons. (1 lb. of Cloud-Out is equivalent to 1 gallon of peroxide).

  • Product Instructions & Dosages

  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY! 
    Y1800   Splashes Sanitizer - 3/4 Gallon   $49.99   $44.99  

    Y1200   Algaecide 50 - 1 Qt.   $18.99   N/A  

    Y7620   Cloud-Out Shock - 2 lbs.   $29.99   $27.99  

    A8050   Test Strips (25 count)   $14.99   N/A  

    Quickly tests Splashes Sanitizer level, pH & Total Alkalinity.
    Note: Frequent testing is required for proper pool maintenance.

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