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Phos Free

Phos Free is safe for swimming pools and because it’s non-toxic it is a great way to treat algae problems even when there are kids around.Reduces Phosphate levels to near zero!

PHOSfree is safe to use all season and can even prevent unsightly waterline rings, saving you time scrubbing the pool walls. PHOSfree ensures clear, perfect water problems when it rids your pool of phosphates. By adding just a small amount of this non-toxic chemical to your skimmer, your filter is immediately given a "top-coat" that allows your filter to trap phosphates which can then be easily backwashed or rinsed out. Phosphate problem solved!
  • Phos Free pool works quickly to create clear, refreshing water.
  • Add PHOSfree to your pool’s skimmer to eliminate phosphates.
  • PHOSfree is totally safe, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.
  • PHOSfree for swimming pools is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable product.
  • Even for sensitive swimmers, Phos Free is hypoallergenic.
  • Purchase extra phosphate strips so you can regularly test for phosphates.
  • Dosage: 4 oz. per 8,000 gallons, (Higher dosage for excessive phosphate levels).
With three times the phosphate fighting power, you can see the difference with PHOSfree Extra Strength from Natural Chemistry. This biodegradable phosphate eliminating formula is perfect for larger pools and commercial applications.

Use AquaCheck Phosphate Test Kit to better control phosphate levels in your pool. This 20-test kit includes pillow pack and vial – just add water, pack, and swirl for fast accurate results!

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    Y5990   PHOSfree - 3 Liter   $29.99  

    Y5995   PHOSfree - 2 x 3 Liter   $58.99  

    Y5996   PHOSfree Extra Strength - 3 Liter   $56.99  

    A8055   Phosphate Tests (20 count)   $10.99  

    Not only is PHOSfree for swimming pools an excellent and highly effective product, it is economically priced. Never let high Phosphate levels ruin your swimming experience again by adding PHOSfree to your pool water whenever phosphate levels get too high. Remember, PHOSfree is non-toxic and biodegradable so it’s even safe to use and store around children.

    Phosphates are terrible for the environment as they pollute lakes, streams, and other natural bodies of fresh water and phosphates can also build up in pools. Because phosphates are a regular contaminant of pool water, it’s even present in rain, and because phosphates don’t break down naturally it is important to use Phos Free for swimming pools. In fact, eliminating phosphates eliminates waterline ring in your pool and Phos Free eliminates phosphates effectively so that your pool is free of cloudy water and unsightly waterline rings.

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