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Pool Magic

You will save money when you winterize your pool with our incredibly safe, effective, and biodegradable natural pool chemicals like Pool Magic.TIME RELEASE ENZYMES WORK ALL WINTER LONG!

Pool Magic is a one of a kind, natural product that effectively breaks down oils and lotions that can contaminate your pool water. With the Pool Magic natural enzyme formula you can enjoy many incredible benefits.
  • No phosphate build-up
  • Quick and easy spring opening
  • Control phosphate levels all season
  • Prevent rings along the waterline
  • Protect your pool liner and pool finishes
  • Enjoy non-toxic chemical closing for clean, clear water in the spring
  • Feel soft and silky water all season long
  • Break down organics throughout the winter season to prevent a scum-line while preserving your pool’s liner and surfaces
  • Watch as the enzymes become more effective as water temperatures rise (when bacteria is most likely to breed)
  • Make spring opening a breeze as Pool Magic reduces the need for scrubbing and cleaning
  • Enjoy this 100% biodegradable and non-toxic Pool Magic natural enzyme formula
  • 1 liter of Pool Magic is ideal for 25,000 gallon swimming pools

  • Why Use Enzymes?

  • Directions for Use

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  • Great for mesh covers!

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    W1130   Pool Magic 1 Liter   $17.99  

    When used over the winter, Pool Magic provides safe, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable pool closing that leaves your pool water clear and clean in the spring.

    Numerous pool owners have turned to Pool Magic because it is safe and effective. With the patented Pool Magic natural enzyme formula, non-living organic contaminants are broken down and removed from pool water without creating the chemical feel of chlorine sanitizers. Plus, Pool Magic natural swimming pool chemicals are tough on pool contaminants.

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