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Pool Algaecides

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Swamp Treat eliminates algae in any type of pool in 24 hours or less!
Swamp Treat
Swamp Treat 1 lb.
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Save on Pool Supplies can help you keep your pool water crystal clear and algae-free. We offer an extensive selection of algaecides, all of which provide a great solution to troublesome algae growth in swimming pools. Whether your pool is murky green or whether you just want to keep your water in its current clear state, algaecides will provide a great addition to your pool maintenance regimen. Pool algaecides are also great for use during pool winterizations and spring pool openings.

At Save on Pool Supplies, you will find many different quality products designed to combat algae growth in swimming pools. For example, our In the Swim Algaecide is a non-foaming product which will control several types of algae, including green and mustard algae, without causing your pool water to become cloudy. Our selection of available products also includes the No Mor Problems Pool Algaecide, which is a powerful liquid algaecide that is safe for use in pools with all types of surfaces.

Our other excellent options include Yellow Out and the Natural Chemistry Algae Treatment System. As a non-toxic product, Yellow Out allows for algae to be cleaned up safely and gently and will control yellow, brown and pink algae. The Natural Chemistry Algae Treatment System is also a great choice. This algaecide removes phosphates, one of algae's main food sources, from your pool water and is highly effective at preventing algae from growing in your pool ever again.

In addition to the above mentioned products, we also offer many other outstanding algaecides to help you keep your pool safe and clean for your swimmers. All of our pool algaecides are available at amazing discount prices so you will enjoy great quality and great value for your money. We also don't add any shipping and handling charges or any other hidden fees, so the price you see at Save on Pool Supplies is the price you pay.

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