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In The Swim® Algaecide

Save On Pool Supplies offers an extensive range of algaecides at competitive prices to rid your pool of algae and prevent further blooms. You can also shop for all your pool maintenance needs.ECONOMICALLY PRICED ALGAECIDE KILLS ALL TYPES OF ALGAE!

From its name, you can probably guess the function of pool algaecide. Algae tends to grow in swimming pools because the water is warm and hospitable for them but algae can also be harmful to swimmers; not to mention the fact that a pool with cloudy, algae contaminated water isn’t very enticing for swimmers. Algaecide then was created to kill algae and prevent future blooms. Liquid algaecide is one of the most common forms available on the market and this chemical treatment can be used in swimming pools, fish ponds, and other water features like fountains.

Because algae can be harmful to your health, it’s important to treat your water with swimming pool algaecide; the safety of your swimmers depends on it. At Save on Pool Supplies, we carry a highly effective yet economically priced liquid algaecide that is ideal for your pool.
  • Controls various types of algae including green and mustard algae.
  • A non-foaming algaecide that doesn’t cloud pool water.
  • Completely safe for swimmers even immediately after pool algaecide treatment.
  • Initial Dosage: 26 oz. per 10,000 gallons.

As a pool owner your first priority should be maintaining the sanitation and quality of your pool water. This inexpensive algaecide for swimming pools works quickly and prevents the recurrence of algae so you can safely and comfortably enjoy your pool. At Save On Pool Supplies, our liquid algaecide can be used for any type of pool to create crystal clear and beautiful water for all your swimmers.

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    Y1000   1 qt.   $12.99  

    Y1004   2 x 1/2 gallons   $42.99  

    Y1012   12 x 1 qt.   $109.99  

    Y1006   6 x 1/2 gal.   $119.99  

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