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Budget-Saver Pool Chemical Value Pack

Save On Pool Supplies is your one stop destination for pool chemical kits and everything pool and when you shop with us we deliver the goods right to your door!CONVENIENT BUDGET CHEMICAL VALUE PACK INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

Pool chemicals are an integral part of swimming pool maintenance. Without the correct water balance a number of problems may occur; from cloudy swimming water to algae infestations and biological contamination, it is important to carefully treat your pool water so it is safe, sanitary, and comfortable for swimmers. Save On Pool Supplies offers an economical pool chemical pack that includes all your basic needs.
  • Choose between 10lbs of Premium Stabilized Chlorine in 3-inch tabs, 1-inch tabs, granular, or sticks.
  • Receive 6 one pound bags of chlorine pool shock
  • Get 1 quart of Super Algaecide
  • Get 1 quart of Stain Away
  • Free bonus: free 10-pack of Aqua Chek test strips.

ATTENTION Intex Pool Owners:
Don’t buy what you don’t need! This chemical value pack features the smaller packages for your Intex pool.
  • 18 ft. round, 52 in. deep ~ lasts approximately 5 months
  • 15 ft. round, 42 in. deep ~ lasts approximately 10 months

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Item Name Chlorine Type ONLY! 
C9100   Budget Saver Pack   $89.99  

A pool chemical kit is an ideal investment for pool owners because it will include all the basic chemicals you need to treat your water. Pool chemical packs always include a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine, pool algaecide, stain away, and some test strips.

Pool chemical kits are also ideal for spring start-up and we even carry winter closing pool chemical packs. In fact, we stock a wide range of pool chemical kits so you can always find something to suit your needs. We have swimming pool chlorine chemical kits and bromine pool chemical kits in addition to some all natural alternatives. The major advantages of a pool chemical kit are that they will usually include everything you need to keep your pool water crystal clear and pool chemical kits will save you money.

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