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Cal-Chlor (Calcium Hypochlorite) Sanitizing Granules

Cal-Chlor Granules contain 65% available chlorine and 35% calcium and are highly effective at killing microorganisms and other contaminants to sanitize swimming pool water and to improve water clarityGet fast, hard-hitting results with Cal-Chlor Sanitizing Granules!

Cal-Chlor Granules are calcium hypochlorite sanitizing granules that are ideal for swimming pool shock treatments as well as for regular use. Containing 68% available chlorine and 35% calcium, these calcium hypochlorite granules can be used to quickly and effectively disinfect swimming pool and spa water. By killing bacteria and other contaminants, Cal-Chlor Granules help to maintain a healthy, safe and sanitized swimming environment free of potentially harmful microorganisms.

Cal-Chlor Granules will also help to improve and maintain water clarity for a beautiful, sparkling clear swimming pool. Cal-Chlor Granules should be pre-dissolved before they are dispensed into the swimming pool in order to ensure the best results possible. Pre-dissolving calcium hypochlorite granules will also help to prevent liner bleaching and reduce clouding of the water.

Please Note: Must dilute to prevent bleaching of the liner.

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    Qty. Item No. Size ONLY! 
    C8010   25 lbs.   $99.99  

    C8020   50 lbs.   $159.99  

    C8030   100 lbs.   $319.99  

    Note: 100 lb. size shipped in two 50 lb. containers.

    C8040   200 lbs. (4x50 lb.)   $639.99  

    Note: 200 lb. size shipped in four 50 lb. containers.

    C8050   500 lbs. (10x50 lb.)   $1,599.97  

    Note: 500 lb. size shipped in ten 50 lb. containers.

    Quick facts:
    • Cal-Chlor Granules effectively sanitize swimming pools by eradicating bacteria, algae and other contaminants.
    • Fast-acting, non-stabilized calcium hypochlorite granules are ideal for shock treatments and every day use.
    • Cal-Chlor Granules improve and maintain water clarity.
    • Can be used in swimming pools and spas.
    • Contain 68% available chlorine and 35% calcium.
    • Granules are pH balanced to reduce skin and eye irritation.
    • Pre-dissolving of calcium hypochlorite granules is necessary to prevent bleaching and water clouding.
    • Keep Cal-Chlor Granules out of reach of children.
    • Available in several different quantities.
    • Affordably and competitively priced.

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