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Chlorine Sticks

8 oz chlorine sticks are very slow dissolving for easier pool maintenance and remarkably stable chlorine levels.  Chlorine sticks are great for use in skimmers,floaters and automatic feeders.Enjoy clean water and convenience with extra-large chlorine pool sticks!

Chlorine sticks are particularly convenient to use as they can simply be placed in floaters, skimmers or automatic chemical feeders. Our extra-large pool chlorine sticks are very slow dissolving, which means that they will keep your pool's chlorine levels very stable. This characteristic also allows you to enjoy easier pool maintenance.

Extra-large chlorine sticks provide 90% available stabilized chlorine for powerful sanitization so you can enjoy safe, clean pool water as well as worry-free, hassle-free pool maintenance all season long.

Quick facts:
  • Provide powerful, reliable swimming pool sanitization.
  • Chlorine sticks will effectively eradicate bacteria and other organic impurities from your pool.
  • Ideal for use in skimmers, floaters or automatic chemical feeders.
  • Extra-large chlorine sticks weigh 8 oz each and measure 4-1/4" long x 1-1/2" wide.
  • Our swimming pool chlorine sticks are extra slow dissolving for easier pool maintenance and stable chlorine levels.
  • Compare our chlorine sticks to Bioguard®, Stingy Sticks®, Sun®, Guardex® and Pace®.
  • Powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine.
  • 98.6% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.
  • Available in many different quantities.
  • Affordably priced.

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Size ONLY!  Price/lb. 
C5010   10 lbs.   $54.99   $5.49  

C5025   25 lbs.   $99.99   $3.99  

C5050   50 lbs.   $164.99   $3.29  

C5100   100 lbs.   $319.99   $3.19  

Note: 100 lb. size shipped in 50 lb. containers.

C5200   200 lbs.   $639.99   $3.19  

Note: 200 lb. size shipped in 50 lb. containers.

C5500   500 lbs.   $1,589.99   $3.17  

Note: 500 lb. size shipped in 50 lb. containers.

Chlorine is one of the best and most popular pool sanitizers available because it is very powerful and effective, yet very convenient to use. Chlorine helps pool owners to keep their swimming environment clean and safe by destroying bacteria and other organic impurities. Swimming pool chlorine can also help to prevent algae growth to keep pool water sparkling clear.

Guardex®, Bioguard®, Aquabrome®, Polysheen®, BurnOut®, Burnout 35®, Softswim®, Pool Magnet®, Chlorite®, Algae All 60 and MSA Algaecide are registered trademarks of BioLab, Inc. Pace® is a registered trademark of Arch Chemicals. In The Swim® is not affiliated with them and does not carry their products. The use of Sun®, Guardex®, Bioguard®, Pace®, and Leslies® and their logos is for comparison purposes only.

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