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Pool Chlorine & Bromine

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3 inch chlorine tablets are the perfect size for skimmers, floaters and just about any chemical feeder.  These slow dissolving tablets contain 90% available stabilized chlorine and provide powerful wa
3 Inch Chlorine Tablets
10 lbs.
Fast-dissolving granular chlorine effectively kills bacteria and other organic contaminants while leaving no residue.  Chlorine granules are ideal for use in spas, hot tubs and swimming pools.
Granular Chlorine
2 lbs.
Find 1 inch chlorine tablets at great prices. 1 inch chlorine tablets are the slowest dissolving and longest lasting type of chlorine available.   89% available stabilized chlorine.
1 Inch Chlorine Tablets
10 lbs.
Find America's Strongest Pool Bromine for great value.  America's Strongest Pool Bromine is a highly effective swimming pool sanitizer and yet causes far less skin and eye irritation than chlorine.
America's Strongest Pool Bromine
Bromine 3.5 lbs.
Cal-Chlor Granules contain 65% available chlorine and 35% calcium and are highly effective at killing microorganisms and other contaminants to sanitize swimming pool water and to improve water clarity
Cal-Chlor (Calcium Hypochlorite) Sanitizing Granules
25 lbs.
8 oz chlorine sticks are very slow dissolving for easier pool maintenance and remarkably stable chlorine levels.  Chlorine sticks are great for use in skimmers,floaters and automatic feeders.
Chlorine Sticks
10 lbs.
Instant Liquid Chlorine is an easy to use powdered chlorine mixture that quickly dissolves when added to your pool.  Instant Liquid Chlorine is the smart and safer alternative to liquid chlorine.
Instant Liquid Chlorine
Instant Liquid Chlorine 4 pack
Clor Mor® Septic Tabs are formulated to achieve dependable and effective chlorine disinfection for residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems.
Clor Mor Septic Tablets
Clor Mor Septic Tablets - 7.2 lbs
Get all your pool chemical needs at Save on Pools, including the triple action chlorine tabs that are easy to use as they sanitize, clarify, and prevent algae growth in your pool water.
Triple Action Chlorine
Super Skimmer Tabs
Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 9 lbs.
Natural Chemistry's stabilizer/conditioner is a salt rather than an acid and will not cause damage to pools. Pool water stabilizer dissolves instantly so it can start protecting chlorine immediately.
Liquid Stabilizer/Pool Water Conditioner
Instant Conditioner 1 Gallon
Our 1 Inch Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets are a safe and cost effective alternative to gas and liquid chlorine. They feature 68% available chlorine to kill and prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.
1 Inch Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets
1 inch Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets 55 lbs.
Calcium Hypochlorite chlorine tablets are 3 inch and D shaped to fit our CCH D tablet chlorine feeder.  Unstabilized chlorine tablets for commercial and indoor swimming pools.
3" Calcium Hypochlorite "D" Tabs
30 lbs.
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Keeping your swimming pool water sanitary is absolutely vital. If your pool's water is not clean, swimmers may contract infections or other illnesses. Two of the most popular chemicals for swimming pool maintenance are chlorine and bromine, both of which will keep your pool water crystal clear and safe by eradicating debris and potentially harmful contaminants such as bacteria.

Swimming pool chlorine is available is available from Save On Pool Supplies in a granular form and in tablets of different sizes. Different types of chlorine are used for different methods of application or dissolving the chemicals in the pool. For example, 3 inch chlorine tablets are slow dissolving and allow you to put one or more tablets in a chemical feeder that slowly feeds the chlorine into your pool water. Chlorine tablets are an easy way to maintain the chemical levels in your pool water without constant testing and adjustments.

Bromine tablets are most often used in spas and hot tubs to eliminate bacteria and harmful organics that accumulate in the warm water. Save On Pool Supplies offers bromine in 1 inch tablets, which are fed into the water through an automatic feeder. Bromine is a pre-stabilized chemical and dissolves at a significantly slower rate than chlorine. Also, while bromine is still a powerful sanitizer, it is less irritating to eyes and skin than chlorine and also does not produce a chlorine odor.

At Save On Pool Supplies, you will find an excellent range of choices among our selection of swimming pool chlorine and bromine. We offer quality products at discount prices with no shipping or handling charges. This means that our swimming pool chlorine and bromine products allow you to effectively keep your water clean without breaking your budget. For the best selection and the best value, Save On Pool Supplies is your number one source for pool chlorine and bromine as well as other swimming pool maintenance products.

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