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Triple Action Chlorine - Super Skimmer Tabs

Get all your pool chemical needs at Save on Pools, including the triple action chlorine tabs that are easy to use as they sanitize, clarify, and prevent algae growth in your pool water.Triple Action Chlorine Tabs
  • Sanitize water
  • Prevent algae growth
  • Clarify water
These triple action chlorine tabs are specifically formulated to provide three important functions in your pool. Not only do they sanitize your water, as swimming pool chlorine tablets are designed to do, they also prevent algae growth and clarify your swimming water. Pool water chemistry is also vitally important to creating a safe and comfortable swimming environment. Triple action chlorine tabs are economical and easy!
  • An advanced sanitizing formula with patented triple modes of action
  • The most convenient pool clarifying product
  • Power Crystal compounds to prevent algae growth
  • Drop them in your skimmer basket or automatic feeder for ease of use
  • The ultimate chlorine tabs for maintaining your pool water
  • Available chlorine 72%

We are currently unable to ship TRIPLE ACTION CHLORINE to the state of California. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Description ONLY!  Price/lb. 
C2010   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 9 lbs.   $94.99   $10.55  

C2025   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 24 lbs.   $149.99   $6.24  

C2050   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 48 lbs.   $239.99   $4.99  

C2100   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 96 lbs.   $454.99   $4.73  

Note: 96 lb. size shipped in 48 lb. containers.

C2200   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 192 lbs.   $899.99   $4.68  

Note: 192 lb. size shipped in 48 lb. containers.

C2500   Triple Action Skimmer Tabs 480 lbs.   $2,249.98   $4.68  

Oversized Delivery Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.
Note: 480 lb. size shipped in 48 lb. containers.

Obviously chlorine treatment is necessary for maintaining the sanitation of your pool water, but triple action chlorine tabs do more than sanitize your pool. These chlorine tablets were designed so that you could ensure the total quality of your pool water. The three biggest issues that pool owners face with their pool water are of course sanitation, algae, and clarity. These triple action swimming pool chlorine tablets are the complete solution for your swimming pool water.

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