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Pool Shock & Super Chlorinating Chemicals

Pool shock will provide your pool with a powerful chlorine boost and is ideal for spring openings and whenever fast action is necessary. Pool shock contains 68% calcium hypochlorite.
Pool Shock
6 X 1 lb. bags
Find all your pool chemical needs, including pool super shock. It’s the industry leading shock treatment for backyard swimming pools and Save on Pool Supplies has the best prices anywhere.
Super Pool Shock
6 x 1 lb. bags
Find chlorine free pool shock at excellent prices.  Chlorine free swimming pool shock is a powerful oxidizing agent and yet does not contain any harsh chemicals.
Chlorine-Free Pool Shock
6 x 1 lb. bags
Cal-Chlor Granules contain 65% available chlorine and 35% calcium and are highly effective at killing microorganisms and other contaminants to sanitize swimming pool water and to improve water clarity
Cal-Chlor (Calcium Hypochlorite) Sanitizing Granules
25 lbs.
Find the best value for your money at Save On Pool Supplies. If you’re shopping for Lithium Pool Shock, we have great deals on top quality granular swimming pool shock.
Lithium Pool Shock Granular
6 x 1 lb. Bags
3 Easy steps to an algae-free pool!  All natural mineral pool chemicals eliminate algae, reduce chlorine use and clarify swimming pool water.
Eclipse3 Algae Control Chemicals
Eclipse3 - 2 lb.
HTH shock is a powerful chlorine shock treatment that rids your pool of algae and bacteria so you never have to worry about having clean, safe water.
HTH® Shock-N-Swim
5 x 1-lb. bags
Green to Clean is a chlorine enhancer which quickly and effectively eradicates green, mustard, brown and pink algae to restore water clarity. Green to Clean pool clarifier is a non-toxic formula.
Green To Clean
Green To Clean - 2 lb.
Revolutionary chlorine free swimming pool shock chemical takes the place of hazardous liquid or granular pool shock. Continues to kill bacteria and organics for 7-10 days. Pool shock at In The Swim.
Cloud-Out Shock
Cloud-Out Shock 2 lbs.
Use HTH as a shock treatment chemical to kill bacteria and control algae in your swimming pool. HTH Super Sock It pool shock is fast acting and powerful. More pool chemicals available from In The Swim
HTH® Super Shock N Swim
5 x 1-lb. bags
Instant Liquid Chlorine is an easy to use powdered chlorine mixture that quickly dissolves when added to your pool.  Instant Liquid Chlorine is the smart and safer alternative to liquid chlorine.
Instant Liquid Chlorine
Instant Liquid Chlorine 4 pack

Shocking your swimming pool is extremely important, as it will keep your water sanitized by ridding the water of bacteria and other contaminants which could potentially harm your swimmers. So whether for winterization, spring openings or regular pool maintenance, pool shock and super chlorinating chemicals are essential tools for all swimming pool owners. At Save on Pool Supplies, you will find a great selection of such products to choose from at very economical prices so you can keep your pool clean and safe for swimming without breaking your budget.

Our Pool Shock and Super Pool Shock are powerful products that are ideal for super chlorinating and chlorinated shock treatments. With their strength and effectiveness, these pool shock and super chlorinating chemicals are great for both spring openings and for quick chlorine boosts during the swimming season. For those who prefer not to use chlorine, we also offer chlorine-free pool shock. While this product is a powerful oxidizer, it's a safe enough that you can swim right after using it.

Save on Pool Supplies' selection of pool shock and super chlorinating chemicals also includes the revolutionary Cloud-Out Shock. Cloud-Out's formula combines a sustaining oxidizer and a clarifier for a unique and gentle method of treating your pool water. This product will remain active for seven to ten days and will keep your water crystal clear. Our inventory of pool cleaning chemicals also features a number of algaecides, including Green to Clean and the Eclipse3 Algae Control System.

While we only offer top-quality merchandise at Save on Pool Supplies, we also believe in offering the best value for your money. This is why you will find all of our products available at unbeatable discount prices, with no shipping or handling fees. So for the very best pool shock and super chlorinating chemicals for the very best value, turn to Save on Pool Supplies.

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