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HTH® Super Shock N Swim

Use HTH as a shock treatment chemical to kill bacteria and control algae in your swimming pool. HTH Super Sock It pool shock is fast acting and powerful. More pool chemicals available from In The SwimFAST ACTING AND POWERFUL!

When you try to picture your perfect swimming pool you probably see crystal, clear blue waters free from floating debris and other contaminants. Cloudy green water infested with algae and other organic microorganisms is not only unappealing for swimmers but also dangerous for their health. HTH Super Shock can be added to pools in order to help you maintain that image of the perfect pool. Super pool shock gives your pool an extra boost of chlorine to completely sanitize your pool water.

Super shock treatments like HTH Super Shock are designed to add a whole lot of chlorine to your pool at one time to shock out organic contaminants. More importantly, this swimming pool super shock not only kills these organisms but can also prevent future outbreaks of algae.

Compared to regular shock treatments, HTH Super Shock has various benefits.
  • Up to 15% stronger than standard pool shock treatments.
  • Contains 52% available chlorine.
  • Dissolves quickly for an immediate chlorine boost.
  • HTH super shock is perfect for weekly shock treatments.
  • Buy in bulk for bigger savings.
Simply put, few pool chemicals are as important as chlorine for sanitizing your pool and HTH super shock is the perfect weekly treatment for ridding your pool of unsightly algae and harmful bacteria and viruses.

HTH swimming pool super shock has a range of uses and features.
  • Perfect for spring openings
  • Destroy sudden algae blooms
  • Affordable, effective super shock treatment
  • Promotes clean, comfortable water
  • Dosage: 1 lb. per 12,000 gallons

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Description ONLY! 
Y8350   5 x 1-lb. bags   $24.99  

Y8360   15 x 1-lb. bags   $69.99  

Y8380   30 x 1-lb. bags   $134.99  

Use HTH pool shock weekly to kill bacteria and prevent algae in your swimming pool.

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