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Pool Stain Removal & Stain Prevention Chemicals

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Stain Away is a swimming pool stain remover and stain prevention formula that prevents unsightly stains, scaling and brown water caused by minerals.  Ideal for use in areas with well water.
Stain Away
1 qt.
Prevent unsightly stains and calcium buildup with Super Stain Away!  This concentrated, powerful formula will help you to keep your swimming pool looking great.
Super Stain Away Metal Stain Preventer
Super Stain Away 1 QT
E-Z Stain Remover is a powerful pool stain remover that is added directly to your pool water to remove metal, rust and leaf stains.
E-Z Stain Remover
2.5 lbs.
Apply A+ Stain Remover directly to your most difficult metal and organic stains . This environmentally friendly stain remover can be used in conjuction with any sanitizer and on any pool surface.
A Plus Stain Remover
A+ Stain Remover 2 lbs.
Reduce your impact on the environment and save money with natural chemistry swimming pool chemicals from Save on Pools.  We have a variety of natural  chemistry pool chemicals.
Stain FreeTM
Stain Free 1.75 lbs.
The ultimate problem solving swimming pool chemical. All natural enzyme swimming pool chemical removes waterline stains, and any organic contamination. Reduced pool chlorine and cleaner water.
Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid
Pool First Aid 2 Liter
Metal Free Pool Chemical removes metallic elements from pool water to prevent staining and discoloration. Metal Free Pool Chemical is ideal for use in pools with well water or hard water.
METALfree Pool Chemical
1 Liter
Miraclear swimming pool water clarifier cube is placed in the pool pump basket and clears cloudy pool water while the sand filter system is running.
MiraClear Clarifier Sand Filter Aid
1 Shell Cube (2.8 oz.)
Multi-purpose pool chemical clarifier and algaecide in one. Place this slow-dissolving pool chemical cube in the pool pump to remove phosphates and prevent pool algae. Swimming pool chemicals.
Sparkle Plus Pool Water Clarifier
1 Cube (6 oz.)
You will save money when you winterize your pool with our incredibly safe, effective, and biodegradable natural pool chemicals like Pool Magic.
Pool Magic Spring and Fall
Pool Magic Spring & Fall 1 Liter
Just place Scum-Ball into your pool or hot tub to prevent scum lines and foaming. Scum Ball absorbs oils to keep pool or spa water clean. Removes pool foam and spa foam at the source.
Powerful pool water clarifier with a unique 6-way process and application procedure for immeidate results. Helps the pool filter remove even the smallest particles to clear cloudy pool water.
Clear & Perfect
1 Quart
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It's easy to take your swimming pool from stained to spotlessly clean with stain removal and stain prevention chemicals from Save on Pool Supplies. With a variety of powerful and effective formulas to choose from among our fabulous selection of products, you can find exactly what you need to remove annoying and unsightly stains from your pool or hot tub. You can also prevent future stains from occurring, which will save you both time and effort.

With products from Save on Pool Supplies, you can conveniently clean your pool without excessive scrubbing and back-breaking work. Our selection of highly effective stain removal and prevention chemicals includes the innovative Scum-Ball. Simply by placing the Scum-Ball in a clean swimming pool or spa, you can prevent the formation of scum lines and foaming. This small but mighty ball can absorb 40 times its weight in oils and lotions which accumulate in pool and spa water. Stain Away is another great stain prevention product which prevents ugly stains and build up caused by metals and calcium.

If your pool is already stained, try E-Z Stain Remover, Stain Free or one of our other great stain removal products. E-Z Stain Remover is a powerful formula which will make stains and rust disappear when you add it to your pool water. Stain Free is another great option which is ideal for removing stains from vinyl liners as well as fibreglass swimming pools. Stain Free is also a gentle, natural formula and provides an excellent alternative to harsher chemicals.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers a wide range of other stain prevention chemicals, including pool clarifiers and natural enzyme formulas which break down organics in the water to prevent scum lines, build up and stains. By using a stain prevention product from Save on Pool Supplies, you will enjoy the benefit of a cleaner swimming pool and will also have less cleaning and scrubbing to do at the beginning of each swimming season.

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