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Pool Stain Removal & Stain Prevention Chemicals

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Remove swimming pool stains caused by metals in pool water. Jack's Magic swimming pool chemicals aid in the removal of swimming pool stains from all pool surfaces.
The Blue Stuff - by Jack's Magic
1 quart
Powerful swimming pool purple stuff stain chemical helps to quickly remove pool calcium stains and pool waterline stains. Pool chemical stain remover from Jack's Magic pool chemicals.
The Purple Stuff - by Jack's Magic
1 quart
3 Easy steps to an algae-free pool!  All natural mineral pool chemicals eliminate algae, reduce chlorine use and clarify swimming pool water.
Eclipse3 Algae Control Chemical System
Eclipse3 - 2 lb.
The Sapphire Stuff pool chemical combines a pool metal stain remover and pool water clarifer. Resolve swimming pool water problems with Jack's Magic swimming pool chemicals.
The Sapphire Stuff - by Jack's Magic
1 quart
The Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff swimming pool liner stain removing chemical. Powerful swimming pool chemicals from Jack's Magic remove pool stains quickly.
The Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff - by Jack's Magic
1 quart
CuLator Metal Remover and Stain Preventer for Pools and Spas will eliminate metals, such as copper, iron, led,silver, nickel, manganese, and cobalt from salt and fresh water pools and spas.
CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer
CuLator Metal Remover
Eclipse3 Ecology is a 100% all-natural clarifier for your pool and hot tub.  This enzyme enriched formula is the safest way to eliminate cloudy water, scum buildup and odors.
Eclipse3 Ecology
Eclipse3 Ecology - 1 qt.
Eclipse3 Ejector dissolves and dislodges mineral deposits and loosens scum and scale, which can restrict the flow of water through your pool's filter.
Eclipse3 Ejector
Eclipse3 Ejector
Now you can use the brand new Spring Pill! This Aqua Pill start up pill allows you to maintain the water for spring opening.
AquaPill Spring Start-Up Pill
AquaPill Spring Start-Up Pill
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It's easy to take your swimming pool from stained to spotlessly clean with stain removal and stain prevention chemicals from Save on Pool Supplies. With a variety of powerful and effective formulas to choose from among our fabulous selection of products, you can find exactly what you need to remove annoying and unsightly stains from your pool or hot tub. You can also prevent future stains from occurring, which will save you both time and effort.

With products from Save on Pool Supplies, you can conveniently clean your pool without excessive scrubbing and back-breaking work. Our selection of highly effective stain removal and prevention chemicals includes the innovative Scum-Ball. Simply by placing the Scum-Ball in a clean swimming pool or spa, you can prevent the formation of scum lines and foaming. This small but mighty ball can absorb 40 times its weight in oils and lotions which accumulate in pool and spa water. Stain Away is another great stain prevention product which prevents ugly stains and build up caused by metals and calcium.

If your pool is already stained, try E-Z Stain Remover, Stain Free or one of our other great stain removal products. E-Z Stain Remover is a powerful formula which will make stains and rust disappear when you add it to your pool water. Stain Free is another great option which is ideal for removing stains from vinyl liners as well as fibreglass swimming pools. Stain Free is also a gentle, natural formula and provides an excellent alternative to harsher chemicals.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers a wide range of other stain prevention chemicals, including pool clarifiers and natural enzyme formulas which break down organics in the water to prevent scum lines, build up and stains. By using a stain prevention product from Save on Pool Supplies, you will enjoy the benefit of a cleaner swimming pool and will also have less cleaning and scrubbing to do at the beginning of each swimming season.

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