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Eclipse3 Algae Control Chemical System

3 Easy steps to an algae-free pool!  All natural mineral pool chemicals eliminate algae, reduce chlorine use and clarify swimming pool water.The Eclipse 3 algae control system is an optimal combination of algaecide, stain remover, shock and clarifier to quickly eliminate algae and create the clearest water possible. These products can be used separately to correct specific issues as well.

ECLIPSE3 - Algaecide
  • Eclipse 3 algaecide is an all-natural mineral treatment for your swimming pool that helps clarify your pool while eliminating algae growth and reducing the use of chlorine. Eclipse3 is a pre-kelated formula containing special clarifying agents and balancers to help you maintain a well-balanced pool without affecting its pH. The recommended start-up dosage is 20 oz. per 10,000 gallons, and maintenance dosage is 1.25 oz. per 10,000 gallons weekly.
ENFORCE – Scale and Stain Remover
  • Enforce Scale and Stain remover is a highly effective formula that helps prevent metal staining and scale from forming on your pool surfaces. Enforce works by bonding with the dissolved metals in your pool to remove existing stains and scale and prevents future build-up. Enforce is a pre-treatment that needs to be added to your pool before adding Eclipse3 and the recommended dosage is-start-up: 32 oz. per 20,000 gallons; Maintenance: 5 oz. per 15,000 gallons on weekly basis.
EMERGE – Non-Chlorine Shock and Clarifier
  • Emerge is a cutting edge non-chlorine shock and clarifying compound that restores water clarity. Emerge is a non-toxic formula that dissolves immediately, does not damage your pool liner, and does not leave scale-forming calcium that can build up on pool walls and damage heaters. Emerge works immediately and is safe for bathers so you can start swimming right after adding it to your water. It is recommended to use Emerge every 10 - 14 days in the amount of 2 lbs. per 17,000 gallons of water under normal conditions; additional applications may be required after a rainstorm, heavy bather load or to eliminate an algae bloom.

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Description CLEARANCE  WAS 
Y1720   Eclipse3 - 2 lb.    $21.99   $21.99  

10 week supply for a 10,000 gal. Pool

Y1725   Eclipse3 - 8.8 lb.    $69.99   $69.99  

20 week supply for a 30,000 gal. Pool

Y1735   Emerge - 2 lb.   $15.99   $15.99  

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