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Super Stain Away Metal Stain Preventer

Prevent unsightly stains and calcium buildup with Super Stain Away!  This concentrated, powerful formula will help you to keep your swimming pool looking great.Make unsightly stains a thing of the past with Super Stain Away!

With its new, concentrated formula, Super Stain Away prevents the occurrence of stains and buildup caused by the presence of metals and calcium in your pool water. Extremely effective and powerful, this product will even lighten some stains while preventing scaling and brown water caused by minerals. With Super Stain Away, you can easily restore the brilliance and beauty of your swimming pool!

With Super Stain Away, there's simply no reason to put up with ugly stains and calcium buildup any longer. This concentrated formula is extremely effective and is ideal for pools that use well water or water that contains high levels of iron.

Compare this product to Pool Magnet®, Super Sequa-Sol® and Metal Control®. The initial dosage of Super Stain Away should be 16 oz. per 10,000 gallons while the weekly dosage should be 2 oz. per 10,000 gallons.

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY! 
Y3020   Super Stain Away 1 QT   $19.99  

Y3024   Super Stain Away 4 x 1 QT   $74.99  

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