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Pool Water Test Kits & Testing Supplies

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AquaChek pool water test strips are safe and easy to use and provide clear, accurate results in mere seconds. Available as 4-way test strips and as 7-way test strips.
AquaChek Test Strips
AquaChek Yellow 4 Way Chlorine (50 Count)
Pool water test kit reagents should be replaced every year. Testing swimming pool water every day will ensure proper chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels in the pool water. In The Swim pool test kits.
2-Way Liquid Solution Water Test Kit
2-Way Test Kit
Find 4 way pool test kits for outstanding value. 4 way pool test kits monitor free chlorine, total chlorine, pH and alkalinity. These convenient pool water test kits make water testing simple.
4-Way Water Test Kit (Liquid Solution)
4-Way Test Kit
The Aquachek Trutest uses advanced digital technologies to provide fast, accurate results without color matching. Take all the guesswork out of pool and spa testing with the Aquachek Trutest.
AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader
AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader
Designed specifically for use with the AquaChek TruTest™ Digital Test Strip reader, these strips test for Free Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity.
AquaChek TruTest Test Strips
AquaChek TruTest Test Strips
Test pool water daily to ensure proper water balance. Taylor Deluxe pool water test kit checks pool water for chlorine or bromine, pH, acid base demand, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric
Taylor Deluxe DPD Kit
Deluxe Kit (Chlorine/Bromine)
Eliminate color-matching problems typical of other pool test kits through the use of titrations . This deluxe pool water test kit is great for reading high levels! Pool chemicals from In The Swim.
Taylor Complete FAS-DPD Kit
Taylor Complete FAS-DPD Kit
Taylor replacement reagents are great tools for pool owners and can be used to monitor a variety of chemical levels such as pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and chlorine content.
Taylor Replacement Reagents
DPD Solution #1 / 3/4 oz./ R-0001
Taylor Complete Test Kit includes 2 oz Bottles of reagents. Test pool water for chlorine or bromine, pH, acid and base demand, total alkalinity, calcium hardness & cyanuric acid. In The Swim test kit.
Taylor Service Complete Kit
Taylor Service Complete Kit
Swimming pool water test kit from Taylor checks pool water for chlorine, pool pH, pool acid and pool base demand.
Taylor DPD Test Kit
DPD Chlorine/Bromine Kit
Purchase a refill reagent kit and save 10 percent off the cost of buying the reagents separately.  Save On Pool Supplies offers 4 different kits all at low prices.
Taylor Reagent Refill Kits
Basic Refill Kit - 3/4 oz.
Test Tablets are more accurate and have a longer shelf life than liquid DPD. Premium-quality DPD tabs work in all DPD Test Kits including Taylor, LaMotte and others. Pool supplies from In The Swim.
DPD Test Tabs
DPD Tabs #1 Free Chlorine (100)
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Keeping your swimming pool water balanced is extremely important, as doing so will protect your swimmers from contaminants as well as from overly high concentrations of harsh chemicals. However, in order to achieve just the right balance, you not only need the right pool chemicals, you also need testing kits and supplies so you can measure and keep track of all the different levels. Fortunately, it's easy to find all of the pool water test kits and testing supplies that you need at Save on Pool Supplies.

Whether you own an above ground swimming pool or an in ground swimming pool, Save on Pool Supplies has a great selection of test kits and testing supplies for you to choose from. Our products include the highly user-friendly 2-Way and 4-Way Liquid Solution Water Test Kits. The 2-Way kit is designed for testing chlorine and pH levels while the 4-Way kit allows you to test for free chlorine, total chlorine, pH and alkalinity.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers a variety of other water testing kits, including the Cyanuric Acid Test Kit and the Water Check Test Kit. The Cyanuric Acid Test Kit comes with four bottles of test solution, a testing view tube and a durable case. This kit is designed to allow you to keep a close eye on the cyanuric acid levels in your pool water. On the other hand, the Water Check Test Kit is for monitoring levels of E. coli and other coliforms in your water. By using this pool water test kit, you can protect your swimmers from harmful pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition to a wide selection of testing kits, we also offer other testing supplies such as test strips and digital test strip readers. While you will receive the highest quality when you shop for our products, you will also enjoy exceptional value thanks to our unbeatable discount prices. Moreover, at Save on Pool Supplies we don't add any shipping or handling charges so the price you see is the price you pay.

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