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Water Balancing Pool Chemicals

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Instant Liquid Acid is safer and easier to use than muriatic acid for lowering the pH in your swimming pool.
Instant Liquid Acid
Instant Liquid Acid 4 pack
No Mor Muriatic Acid is a granular chemical designed to slowly lower the pH and alkalinity of swimming pool water so you never have to use muriatic acid again!
No Mor Muriatic Acid
No Mor Muriatic Acid™ 2.5 lbs
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Keeping your swimming pool water well balanced is an important part of pool maintenance. If certain chemical levels are too low, your swimmers could be at risk of contracting illnesses or infections from bacteria or other contaminants in the water. On the other hand, if chemical levels are too high, they could cause irritation to eyes and skin. Fortunately, it's easy to keep your pool water's pH, alkalinity and chemical levels stable with water balancing pool chemicals from Save on Pool Supplies. Among our great selection of quality products, you will find everything you need to establish and maintain balanced pool water.

Your pool's pH levels play a key role in maintaining ideal water chemistry. Our pH increaser is designed to correct acidic water conditions so you can achieve the right chemical balance. If the pH level of your pool water drops below 7.2, all you have to do is simply add some pH increaser to reduce the water's acidity. Similarly, our pH reducer is used to lower pH levels and is less corrosive and safer to use than muriatic acid. Save on Pool Supplies also offers alkalinity increasers which help you to keep alkalinity in the safe zone and which also make pH and chlorine levels easier to control.

Our selection of water balancing pool chemicals also includes chlorine neutralizers, pool water conditioners and calcium hardness increasers. All of these products can be used quickly and easily to adjust various levels to their ideal range, thereby protecting your swimming pool as well as your swimmers. All of our water balancing pool chemicals are available at amazing discount prices, allowing you to purchase first-rate products for exceptional value. With our top-quality chemicals and low prices, Save on Pool Supplies is your leading source for water balancing chemicals and other swimming pool supplies.

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