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Alkalinity Increaser

Alkalinity increaser will raise the total alkalinity of your pool water into the safe zone and stabilize pH levels and prevent the rapid dissipation of chlorine as well as eye irritation.Maintaining a total alkalinity level for your pool in the proper range (80 – 120 ppm) is very important as doing so will stabilize your pool's pH and ensure that your water is non-corrosive. Having a stabilized pH level and non-corrosive pool water will prevent eye irritation, equipment damage and the etching of plaster walls, all of which can occur when a pool's total alkalinity is on the low side.
  • Alkalinity reflects the water's ability to resist pH changes.
  • Alkalinity increaser raises total alkalinity to the safe zone of 80 - 120 ppm.
  • Use to increase pool alkalinity whenever total alkalinity falls below 80 ppm.
  • 100% Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Alkalinity increaser stabilizes pH levels and prevents the rapid dissipation of chlorine.
  • Prevents eye irritation, surface etching and equipment damage caused by corrosive water.
  • Will improve the comfort of the swimming environment.
  • Alkalinity increaser is available in granular form.
  • Available in several different quantities.
  • Economically priced for great value.
  • Swimming pool dosage: 1-1/2 pounds per 10,000 gallons will raise the alkalinity level approximately 10 ppm.
  • Spa dosage: 1-2 oz. per 500 gallons.

  • What Is Alkalinity?

  • How Much Do I Need?

  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Size ONLY! 
    Y5670   2 lbs.   $9.99  

    Y7300   5 lb. Bag   $19.99  

    Y7310   10 lb. Bag   $24.99  

    Y7320   25 lb. Pail   $36.99  

    Y7340   50 lb. Pail   $72.99  

    Y7370   50 lb. Bag   $64.99  

    Y7380   100 lb. (2 X 50 lb. Bags)   $124.99  

    Whenever your pool's total alkalinity falls below the ideal range, alkalinity increaser will allow you to raise it back to the proper level. Using alkalinity increaser will allow chlorine to work more effectively and will also prevent chlorine's rapid dissipation. As a result, using alkalinity increaser will reduce the amount of chemicals required to keep your pool water balanced and sanitized.

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