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Calcium Hardness Increaser

Save On Pool Supplies will save you money on all your pool chemical needs.  Try our affordable calcium hardness increaser and prevent corrosion of pool equipment due to low calcium hardness.HELPS PREVENT CORROSION OF YOUR POOL'S PLUMBING SYSTEM!

Maintaining your pool water can be a complicated task. You need to sanitize, clarify, and stabilize your water to create the perfect swimming environment. Unfortunately, all these pool chemicals can interact in such a way that your pool water can corrode your pool equipment. Water hardness is determined by the amount of dissolved minerals in your water and calcium hardness is an especially important aspect of water maintenance. Some pool owners will need to use calcium hardness increaser when your pool water suffers from low calcium hardness. This condition can cause your pool water to become corrosive destroying pool surfaces, tile and grout, metal equipment, and other pool accessories and equipment. When calcium hardness dips too low, you need to increase calcium hardness with a calcium hardness increaser.

Save On Pool Supplies stocks an excellent and affordable calcium hardness increaser that will prevent damage to your pool’s pluming and filtration systems. As a pool owner, you’re probably already familiar with regularly testing your pool water. Whenever your calcium hardness level drops below 150ppm you need to do something to increase the calcium hardness in pool water. Our calcium hardness increaser is a granular form of calcium chloride that can be added to your pool water to raise the hardness level to 40ppm so that your pool water is not corrosive.

Because low calcium hardness causes oxidation and rusting of pool equipment, calcium hardness increasers should never be underestimated as an integral part of your pool water maintenance.
  • Granular. Calcium Chloride.
  • Dosage: 5 lbs. per 10,000 gallons will raise the hardness level approximately 40 ppm.

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