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Stabilizer / Conditioner

Pool stabilizer and conditioner, chlorine tablets, algaecide, and all your pool water chemicals are available at Save on Pools for the lowest online prices.Pool water stabilizer helps to prevent chlorine from being evaporated and burned off in the sun. Also, pool water conditioner can make chlorine inactive if levels are too high so it’s important to properly balance your pool stabilizer. Save on Pool Supplies has the ultimate pool stabilizer formula.
  • Reduce chlorine loss by evaporation
  • Increase the effectiveness of chlorine
  • Reduce chlorine consumption by up to 25% per year
  • 100% Pure Cyanuric Acid
  • Use 2.5 pounds per 10,000 gallons of water
Remember, pool water stabilizer is usually most effective during spring opening. By adding it to your pool water, you make it much easier to balance and maintain chlorine levels which are vital for pool sanitation and water clarity. Protect your pool water with this top-of-the line pool water sanitizer.

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Y7500   5 lb. Bag   $29.99  

Y7510   10 lb. Bag   $39.99  

Y7520   25 lb. Pail   $94.99  

Y7530   45 lb. Pail   $139.99  

Y7540   90 lb.   $264.99  

The swimming season always seems to be just around the corner; before we’ve finished closing for the winter it almost seems like it’s time for spring opening again. Obviously, there are a wide variety of chemicals we need in order to treat our pool water so it is clean, clear, and sanitary for swimming. Pool stabilizer, also known as Cyanuric Acid, helps to maintain the stabilizer level of your pool between 30 and 50ppm. While swimming pool stabilizer is most commonly used during opening, difficulty maintaining the chlorine levels in your pool is also an indication that you need to use a pool conditioner or stabilizer. When stabilizer levels drop below 30ppm, many pool owners will experience a lot of problems with their chlorine levels.

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