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pHree & Clear Balance Tablets

Shop for savings on all your pool maintenance needs including pHree & Clear water balancing tablets and other necessary pool chemicals.Clear and balanced water in 1 step!

pHree & Clear was designed to make water balancing easy so you never have to worry about improper pH balance damaging your pool equipment and surfaces. Plus, when you want to balance pool water, pHree and clear balance tablets help to stabilize your water pH so you can enjoy comfortable swimming throughout the entire swimming season.

There are a wide variety of beneficial features of pHree & Clear to balance pool pH.
  • pHree quickly adjusts pool alkalinity to clarify water in one step.
  • pHree works well with standard pool sanitizers to eliminate drastic pH changes.
  • pHree prevents corrosion of pool equipment and staining of pool surfaces.
  • pHree improves water filtration and sanitizing.

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    Y6915   10 lbs. (20 tablets)   $39.99  

    Water cleanliness and clarity are probably the most important aspects of maintaining a pool that invites swimmers to enjoy a cool, refreshing dip. Normally, we think of chemicals like chlorine for water balancing but there’s a lot more to keeping your pool water in its best condition than just sanitizing. pHree & Clear is a swimming pool chemical balance component that can create clear and comfortable water in just 1 step.

    pHree is easily one of the best products on the market for maintaining pool pH balance making it a must have for all pool owners. While pHree not only ensures proper swimming pool chemical balance it also makes your swimming water irresistible. Treat your pool water with pHree and clear balance tablets and experience the difference for yourself. You’ll only wish you had tried it sooner!

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