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Above-Ground Leaf Catchers

Save On Pool Supplies has the lowest prices on above ground pool leaf catchers and all your winterizing needs.  Shop for the lowest prices on all your pool products.THE SOLUTION FOR EASY WINTER POOL COVER CLEAN-UPS!

Pool cover leaf catchers for above ground pools are an excellent accessory that can help protect your pool cover and make spring opening a breeze. Pool owners will enjoy the extra benefits of pool cover leaf catchers if they live in climates with a lot of wind or for pools with a lot of tree cover.
  • Quickly collect and remove leaves and debris with pool cover leaf catchers
  • Avoid rotting, smelly leaves
  • Keep your pool cover clear and extend its lifespan
  • Just lay the pool cover leaf catchers over your winter cover before fall and easily remove debris in the spring
  • All pool cover leaf catchers for above ground pools are constructed from durable knitted polyethylene
  • Leaf catchers include fastening loops, wire cable, and a metal winch for installation

  • Warranty: 1-Year
  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Pool Size / Leaf Catcher Size ONLY!  WAS 
    W3000   12' Round / 14' Round   $22.49   $24.99  

    W3005   15' Round / 17' Round   $30.33   $39.99  

    W3015   18' Round / 20' Round   $32.02   $44.99  

    W3020   21' Round / 23' Round   $55.25   $69.99  

    W3025   24' Round / 26' Round   $62.98   $74.99  

    W3030   28' Round / 30' Round   $77.98   $109.99  

    W3035   30' Round / 32' Round   $112.49   $124.99  

    W3040   33' Round / 35' Round   $134.99   $149.99  

    W3100   12' x 24' Oval / 14' x 26' Oval   $28.80   $44.99  

    W3110   15' x 30' Oval / 17' x 32' Oval   $53.99   $59.99  

    W3115   16' x 25' Oval / 18' x 27' Oval   $58.49   $64.99  

    W3125   16' x 32' Oval / 18' x 34' Oval   $62.99   $69.99  

    W3140   18' x 33' Oval / 20' x 35' Oval   $76.49   $84.99  

    W3155   21' x 41' Oval / 23' x 43' Oval   $148.49   $164.99  

    Throughout the winter, harsh weather poses a serious risk to your pool and pool equipment. Protecting your above ground swimming pool starts with preparing equipment for freezing temperatures, then treating the water to prevent contamination over the winter, and finally concludes with covering your pool. Indeed, above ground pool winter covers protect your pool from falling debris like leaves and twigs as well as from various organic contaminants. In fact, winter covers can even prevent freezing and ice damage to pool surfaces and equipment.

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