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Solar Sun Rings

Solar Sun Rings provide an innovative way to heat your pool using free energy from the sun.  Swimming pool Solar Sun Rings are environmentally friendly, passive heating devices.
Add 21,000 BTU's of heat to your pool each day with absolutely no heating costs!

Solar Sun Rings for swimming pools are passive heating devices, requiring zero operating costs and zero non-renewable energy. As such, Solar Sun Rings are great for your wallet and great for the environment.
  • Solar Sun Rings use free heat from the sun to add 21,000 BTU's of heat to your swimming pool per day.
  • Solar Sun Rings attach to one another easily with their built-in magnets.
  • Each ring measures 60 inches in diameter.
  • Swimming pool Solar Sun Rings allow you to enjoy a longer swimming season.
  • For best results, use enough Solar Sun Rings to cover approximately 70% to 80% of your pool's surface.
  • Can be used with chlorine and salt water systems.
  • Tough, UV-resistant vinyl provides excellent durability.
  • Easy to use and far less cumbersome than solar blankets.
  • Zero heating costs!
  • Environmentally friendly!

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    S7750   Solar Sun Rings   $23.99   $27.99  

    Solar Sun Rings provide a unique and innovative way to use free heat from the sun to keep your pool warm. Solar Sun Rings are vinyl, inflatable discs which float on the surface of pool water once filled with air.

    Swimming pool Solar Sun Rings feature a clear upper layer and a blue bottom layer. The upper layer provides insulation and focuses sunlight on the blue layer. The blue layer of solar pool sun rings absorbs approximately 50% of the sunlight that reaches it. That 50% is converted into heat while the remaining sunlight passes into the swimming pool to provide deep water heating.

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