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Hayward EC-40 Extended Cycle D.E. Pool Filter Systems for Above Ground Pools

Hayward EC-40 DE swimming pool filters remove the smallest particles of debris from pool water, providing the best water quality Hayward has to offer. Available with the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix pump.ENJOY CLEANER, CRYSTAL CLEAR POOL WATER & LESS BACKWASHING!

  • Designed for less resistance to water flow than conventional DE filters, allowing the EC-40 to filter more water with less pump horsepower. Enjoy savings on energy costs by running a smaller pump, for shorter amounts of time than other pool filters require!

  • Complete filter & pump system includes the newly re-designed Hayward PowerFlo Matrix, one of the most durable high-performance above ground pumps available.

  • Backwashing is greatly reduced by Hayward's unique DE regeneration system. When other DE filters would need to be backwashed (wasting chemically treated water & DE powder), you can simply move the "bump" handle up & down on the top of the EC-40 to redistribute the DE powder inside the tank & continue to filter for another cycle!

  • Pump to filter union connection is quick & easy to connect & disconnect, providing a smooth installation & easy disassembly for storage in the Winter. H_A_F

  • Pump Information

  • Filter Sizing Advice

  • Filter Information

  • Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Description ONLY!  WAS 
    4 Month
    Payment Plan
    E3000   EC-40 D.E. Filter Only   $292.49   $324.99   $73.12  

    Max Pool Size (gallons) 19,200

    E3010   EC-40 D.E. Filter & 1-HP Pump (Up to 19,000 gal. Pool)   $521.99   $579.99   $130.50  

    Max Pool Size (gallons) 19,200

    For written information, order our Information Packet located below.

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