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Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner

Save big on the Aquabot automatic pool cleaner at Save On Pool Supplies. We carry the widest selection of pool supplies at the lowest online prices!HASSLE-FREE COMPUTER-CONTROLLED POOL CLEANING!

Perhaps the most tedious responsibility of pool ownership is cleaning your pool. The majority of pool maintenance tasks in fact revolve around cleaning the pool whether it be sanitizing your pool water or scrubbing the surfaces of your pool so they are ideal for swimmers. The Aquabot automatic pool cleaner was built to save you hours of cleaning your inground pool by robotically vacuuming the surfaces of your pool.

Like many automatic cleaners, the Aquabot inground pool cleaner mechanically roams the surface of your pool doing the cleaning for you. With an Aquabot pool vacuum you’ll spend more time enjoying your pool and a lot less time working to keep it in tip-top condition.

The Aquabot Classic automatic pool cleaner has a range of beneficial features.
  • Continuous Run Timer
  • 50 ft. Cable
  • Fine Filter Bag (filters down to 2 microns)
  • Front and rear rotating scrubbing brushes help loosen and remove dirt and fine particles
  • Power consumption: 230 Watts
  • Input electrical requirements: 120 VAC/60Hz
  • Pool to wall transition: 90 degree angle
  • Water mixing capability: 70 GPM
  • Compatible with external timer
Aquabot Classic Turbo has all of the features that the standard Aquabot has to offer plus an adjustable timer that allows you to clean for a little longer and an extended cable for longer pools.
  • Includes digital power supply (adjustable 1-7 hours)
  • 60 ft. Cable
Save on Pool Supplies carries the Aquabot automatic pool cleaner at an incredible price along with replacement parts so you never have to worry about buying another robotic cleaner

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  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Description ONLY!  WAS 
    4 Month
    Payment Plan
    E1580   Aquabot   $695.99   $869.99   $174.00  

    E1581   Aquabot Turbo   $999.00   $999.00   $249.75  

    ZAQP0001   Brush (single)   $31.45   $31.45   N/A  

    ZAQP0002   Drive Tracks (each)   $21.65   $21.65   N/A  

    ZAQP0005   Single Tan Drive Belt   $8.31   $8.31   N/A  

    ZAQP0003   Replacement Filter Bag (fine)   $39.56   $39.56   N/A  

    ZAQP0004   Mesh Filter Bag for Aquabot   $61.36   $61.36   N/A  

    ZAQP5149   Foam Brush Assembly (Pair)   $36.48   $36.48   N/A  

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