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Aquabot and Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Save big on the Aquabot automatic pool cleaner at Save On Pool Supplies. We carry the widest selection of pool supplies at the lowest online prices!
Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner
The Aquavac QC is the perfect example of exceptional quality at an affordable price from the pool equipment manufacturer Hayward.
Aqua Vac QC
Aqua Vac QC
The AquaVac pool cleaner features advanced technology and will calculate the size of your pool to program itself into the most efficient cleaning pattern.
Aqua Vac Robotic Pool Cleaner
Aqua Vac
Polaris 9300xi presents extraordinary suction for larger in ground pools! The advanced brush design seamlessly cleans your pool’s floor, walls and tile line.
Polaris 9300xi Sport In-Ground Pool Cleaner
Polaris 9300 Xi Sport Robotic Cleaner
SmartPool Scrubber 60 Robotic Cleaner for In-Ground Pools.
This dynamic cleaner will scrub floors, walls, steps & waterline!
SmartPool Scrubber 60
SmartPool Scrubber 60
New Technology from the makers of the world's #1 selling robotic pool cleaner!
Aquabot Turbo T Jet Robotic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Turbo T Jet
The Aquabot Turbo T robotic cleaner scrubs, power washes, vacuums and filters with its unique four-way functionality. The Aquabot Turbo T thoroughly cleans swimming pools up to 50' in length.
Aquabot Turbo T Robotic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Turbo T-RC
The Aquabot T2 and Aquabot T4 are incredibly fast, efficient robotic pool cleaners that will clean any pool in one hour or less. Their unique Quad-Brush system loosens stubborn waterline debris.
Aquabot Turbo T2 & T4 Robotic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Turbo T2 Robotic Pool Cleaner
The Aquabot Bullzer Jr. robotic pool cleaner scrubs and vacuums in ground pools up to 40 ft. long in 3 hours while micro-filtering down to 2 microns.
Aquabot Bullzer Jr.
Aquabot Bullzer Jr.
The AquaSplash Pro Clean robotic pool floor cleaner cleans above ground and smaller in-ground pools.
AquaSplash Pro Clean
AquaSplash Pro Clean
The AquaSplash Pro Plus robotic pool cleaner cleans and scrubs floors, walls, and waterlines of in-ground pools up to 20x40x8 ft. deep.
AquaSplash Pro Plus
AquaSplash Pro Plus
The AquaSplash Pro Vac robotic pool cleaner scrubs and vacuums the floor and walls of your in-ground pool.
AquaSplash Pro Vac
AquaSplash Pro Vac
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Robotic pool cleaners provide the ultimate cleaning solution and Save On Pool Supplies is proud to provide our customers with a wide array of Aquabot pool cleaners and other robotic pool cleaners to choose from. With robotic pool cleaners, pool owners can sit back and relax while the cleaning unit does all the work, making pool maintenance a breeze. Better yet, by working quickly and effectively, robotic swimming pool cleaners allow pool owners to spend more time enjoying their pool with friends and family.

Save On Pool Supplies' extensive selection of robotic swimming pool cleaners includes several Aquabot pool cleaners such as the Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner and the Aquabot Turbo T Jet Robotic Pool Cleaner. The Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner features a built-in filtration system and computer-controlled cleaning. The Aquabot Turbo T Jet Robotic Pool Cleaner features extra-wide polyethylene wheels which allow the unit to easily travel over obstructions such as wrinkles and main drains. Both of these models, and in fact all of our Aquabot pool cleaners, also feature high-powered suction that will remove dirt, sand, algae and many other types of debris from your swimming pool.

Our range of robotic pool cleaners also includes many other models such as the Nitro Robotic Pool Cleaner and the Dolphin Diagnostic Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner. Our robotic swimming pool cleaners will thoroughly clean every part of your swimming pool, including walls and steps. Aquabot pool cleaners and our other robotic pool cleaners are very user friendly and easy to install so you can start taking advantage of their many benefits right away.

As we offer such a wide range of different robotic pool cleaners to choose from, all of which are competitively priced, we have units that will fit many different budgets. At the same time, all of our Aquabot and robotic swimming pool cleaners are quality products, providing effective cleaning, reliability and durability. So if you are looking for a value-price, quality robotic pool cleaner that will make your pool maintenance routine easier, Save On Pool Supplies is the place to begin your search.

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