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Chemical Feeder for above ground pool

Save On Pool Supplies stocks an extensive range of pool supplies and equipment at the most affordable online prices. Consider an above ground pool chemical feeder that will save you hours of work!HASSLE-FREE CHEMICAL FEEDER!

The demands of pool maintenance are not only tedious but can be time consuming as well. Unfortunately, as a pool owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the quality of your pool water to ensure a positive swimming experience for all. One of the most important tasks when treating your water is sanitizing. Typical above ground swimming pools will use a chlorine or bromine based sanitizer that must be regularly added to your pool to kill harmful contaminants and prevent the growth of algae.

An above ground pool chemical feeder takes the work out of treating your pool because they are designed to regularly add sanitizing chemicals to your pool. At Save on Pool Supplies, you’ll find an excellent above ground pool chemical feeder that is efficient and affordable.
  • Perfect for sanitizing above ground pools up to 20,000 gallons
  • Holds up to 7 lbs of chlorine or bromine
  • Connects with your pool’s plumbing to ensure proper distribution of chemicals
  • NSF approved

Swimming pool chemical feeders are fairly simple devices to use but they can save you many hours of pool maintenance. Just add chlorine or bromine to your above ground pool chemical feeder and the sanitizer will be added to your pool at the perfect rate. While swimming pool chemical feeders are great for saving you time, they also ensure that the proper amount of chlorine or bromine is in the pool at all times. Therefore, above ground pool chemical feeders also help to achieve the best chemical balance in your water.

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    Qty. Item No. Item ONLY!  WAS 
    E6035   A/G In-Line Feeder   $89.99   $99.99  

    E1834   Check Valve (required for installation)   $17.62   $19.58  

    A1455   Hose Adapter (required for installation)   $3.49   $3.49  

    A1420   Flexible Filter Hose (1.5-inch x 3 ft.)   $11.99   $11.99  

    A1430   Flexible Filter Hose (1.5-inch x 6 ft.)   $16.99   $16.99  

    A1435   Teflon Tape
    26 ft. roll x 3/4 in. wide  
    $2.99   $2.99  

    A1446   Hose Clamp   $2.99   $2.99  

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