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Automatic Pool Chemical Feeders

Save On Pool Supplies stocks an extensive range of pool supplies and equipment at the most affordable online prices. Consider an above ground pool chemical feeder that will save you hours of work!
Chemical Feeder for above ground pool
A/G In-Line Feeder
Automatically sanitize your pool. Simply add a large supply of chlorine or bromine to your swimming pool chemical feeder and these chemicals are gradually dissolved and introduced to the pool.
Hayward Chemical Feeders for Above Ground Pools
Hayward A/G Offline Chlorinator
The pH-TEK adjusts the pH level in the pool automatically. Maintaining a proper pH level allows the chlorine to effectively kill bacteria.
pH-TEK pH Controller Acid Feed System
pH TEK Controller & Acid Feeder
Pool frog mineral purifiers for in-ground pools reduce chlorine use and keep swimming pool water clean and sparkling.
Pool Frog In-Ground Mineral Reservior, Bac Pacs, and BAM Algaecide
Replacement Mineral Reservoir - In-Ground
Pool frog mineral purifiers for above-ground pools reduce chlorine use and keep swimming pool water clean and sparkling.
Pool Frog System for up to 25K Gallons
Frog System
Shop at Save On Pool Supplies to find the best deals on your new in-ground pool chemical feeder. Purchase all your pool equipment and supplies to save money on all your maintenance needs.
Hayward Chemical Feeders for In-Ground Pools
In-Ground Chlorine Feeder In-Line

Save on Pool Supplies' automatic pool chemical feeders allow for hassle-free and effective swimming pool maintenance. While many swimming pool owners use their skimmer to dispense chlorine or bromine tablets into the pool water, this method is not recommended. One reason behind this is that dispensing chlorine or bromine with a skimmer can potentially damage pool equipment, particularly if your pool has a heater. On the other hand, automatic pool chemical feeders from Save on Pool Supplies will dispense chemicals into your pool safely and effectively.

Available for chlorine and bromine, our automatic pool chemical feeders feature handy controls that easily allow you to adjust the rate at which the chemicals are distributed in the water. Featuring durable construction and large capacity chemical chambers, these feeders are built to last and are suitable for pools of many different types and sizes. Many of our automatic pool chemical feeders can be incorporated into existing plumbing and are very easy to install.

With chlorine or bromine feeders from Save on Pool Supplies, you can keep your pool clean and clear automatically so you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your pool. You can enjoy additional peace of mind knowing that our automatic pool chemical feeders are only of the highest quality, featuring trusted brand names such as Hayward and Intex. Offering smooth operation and superior control of chemical distribution, automatic feeders from Save on Pool Supplies are the top choice for swimming pool owners.

Another great feature of our automatic pool chemical feeders is their incredible value. Not only will you receive outstanding quality from Save on Pool Supplies, you will also enjoy our unbeatable discount prices. Even better yet, we won't add any shipping or handling costs to your order or any other hidden fees or charges, so the price you see is the price you will pay.

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