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Baracuda® Ranger Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Baracuda Ranger pool cleaner cleans above ground pools quickly and quietly. This automatic pool cleaner features just one moving part for less maintenance.ABOVE-GROUND AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANER!

Relentlessly hunt down dirt and debris with the Baracuda Ranger automatic pool cleaner.

The Baracuda Ranger automatic pool cleaner is designed for above ground swimming pools and will effectively remove many types of debris including leaves, dirt, twigs, bugs and pebbles. While it provides powerful suction, the Baracuda Ranger above ground pool cleaner is also able to avoid getting caught up on ladders and other obstructions thanks to its unique deflector wheel.

The Baracuda Ranger automatic pool cleaner is an above ground pool vacuum that is very easy to install and maintain. The Baracuda Ranger pool cleaner comes pre-assembled and features just one operational moving part for fewer maintenance requirements. With its lack of annoying hammer and flapper noises, the Baracuda Ranger above ground pool cleaner goes about its work quietly and without disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of your pool environment.
  • The Baracuda Ranger automatic pool cleaner will thoroughly clean any above ground swimming pool, including dished-out bottoms up to 72 inches!
  • Featuring just one operational moving part, the Baracuda Ranger pool cleaner requires less maintenance.
  • "Easy Access System" allows for easy, do-it-yourself repairs if servicing is ever required.
  • Cleans pools quickly and quietly -- no annoying "hammer" or "flapper" noises.
  • Unique deflector wheel helps prevent the Baracuda Ranger automatic pool cleaner from getting caught in steps, ladders and corners.
  • Special frame design provides optimum balance and maximized adhesion between the Ranger and the floor of your pool.
  • Comes pre-assembled for easy installation -- simply attach the hose, drop it in the pool and connect it to your skimmer.
  • 1-year warranty covers all manufacturer defects, "wear and tear" and even the hoses.

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  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

  • Not recommended for use on above ground pools with pumps smaller than 3/4 hp.

      Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Description ONLY! 
    E1390   Baracuda Ranger Cleaner (A/G)   $134.99  

    E1138   ScrubDisc Universal Cleaning Pad   $29.99  

    Replace the original disc on your current pool vacuum with the ScrubDisc™, then put it in your pool as usual to scrub stubborn algae and dirt off of your pool's entire surface!

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