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SmartPool Climber Robotic Pool Cleaner

SmartPool Climber is an advanced and revolutionary in-ground robotic pool cleaner that puts other automatic pool cleaners to shame.SMARTPOOL CLIMBER – The Most Revolutionary Automatic Pool Cleaner!

SMARTPOOL CLIMBER is an advanced and revolutionary in-ground robotic pool cleaner that puts other automatic pool cleaners to shame. With two large intake ports situated behind the unit's cleaning brush and another two at the outer corners, SMARTPOOL CLIMBER’S impressive cleaning path will rid your swimming pool of the dirt and debris that other cleaners would leave behind. Lightweight and easy to use, SMARTPOOL CLIMBER features an advanced design and an impressive filtration capacity along with an innovative Rapid Drain System, which traps dirt and debris in the filter while allowing water to quickly return into the swimming pool, preventing the cleaner from becoming weighed down.

While SMARTPOOL CLIMBER is gentle enough for use on vinyl pool liners, it provides vigorous cleaning power that will get even the dirtiest concrete and fiberglass swimming pools spotlessly clean. SMARTPOOL CLIMBER cleans pool floors and walls and is ideal for swimming pools up to 20' x 40' in size. It comes complete with a 50 ft. power cord.

The SMARTPOOL CLIMBER relies on the most advanced pool cleaning technology to provide the best possible results. The SMARTPOOL CLIMBER cleaner scrubs and vacuums your entire pool with its own built-in pump and filter so you don’t compromise your pool’s filtration system. Moreover, the SMARTPOOL CLIMBER features a 3 hour standard cleaning mode and a 1 hour rapid cleaning mode.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Gentle enough for use on vinyl liners but powerful enough to clean the most stubborn stains on concrete and fiberglass pools
  • Ideal for pools 20x40 ft.

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  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty
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    E1334   SmartPool Climber   $599.00   $149.75  

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