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Baracuda Automatic Pool Cleaners

The Zodiac Ranger pool cleaner cleans above ground pools quickly and quietly. This automatic pool cleaner features just one moving part for less maintenance.
Zodiac® Ranger Automatic Pool Cleaner
Zodiac Ranger Cleaner (A/G)
Experience superior suction cleaning with the new Baracuda X7 Quattro automatic in ground pool cleaner! Packed with features to provide maximized agility, maneuverability and cleaning coverage.
Baracuda X7 Quattro
Baracuda X7 Quattro
Simplify pool maintenance with Baracuda pool cleaners!

Save On Pool Supplies is your top source for Baracuda automatic pool cleaners. With models available for both above ground and in-ground swimming pools, Baracuda pool cleaners offer great advantages for all residential pool owners. First and foremost, Baracuda automatic pool cleaners simplify pool maintenance by effortlessly yet effectively removing many types of debris, including dirt, sand, bugs, leaves and twigs.

Our line of Baracuda swimming pool cleaners provides options for owners of above ground swimming pools and owners of in-ground swimming pools. For example, the Baracuda Ranger automatic pool cleaner is designed specifically for above ground swimming pools. The Baracuda Ranger will clean any above ground pool, including pools with dished out bottoms up to 72 inches. These Baracuda pool cleaners can be installed in minutes and feature just one operational moving part -- the diaphragm -- for less maintenance. Baracuda Rangers also feature a unique deflector wheel which helps to prevent the units from becoming caught on ladders and other obstacles.

Save On Pool Supplies' Baracuda automatic pool cleaners for in-ground swimming pools include the Baracuda G3 automatic pool cleaner, the Baracuda G2 and the Baracuda X7 Quattro. The Baracuda G3 thoroughly cleans in-ground swimming pools, including walls, and features an anti-stick design which allows for easy navigation around steps and corners.

The Baracuda G2 provides maximum cleaning coverage with its simple design and is also able to nimbly navigate around ladders and other obstacles. The Baracuda X7 Quattro offers remarkable performance and features a traction control system and a Tilt Action Rudder System which allow for remarkable traction and manoeuvrability.

All of our Baracuda pool cleaners are time-tested and offer quiet operation. The above models also come pre-assembled so they can be installed and ready to use in mere minutes. Baracuda swimming pool cleaners have also been designed to provide smooth, effortless movement, so cleaning will be as simple and as efficient as possible. Easy to use and easy to maintain, Baracuda automatic pool cleaners are extremely owner friendly.

Perhaps best of all, Baracuda pool cleaners from Save On Pool Supplies are very economically and competitively priced. In addition, we offer free shipping and handling with no hidden charges so the price you see at Save On Pool Supplies is the price you pay.

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