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Hayward EC-50 DE Filter System for Above Ground Pools

Save on Pool Supplies carries a range of Hayward pool products including the Hayward EC-50 filter system for above ground pools. The Hayward EC-50 DE filter will keep your pool water crystal clear.The Hayward EC-50 filter system utilizes diatomaceous earth, a powder with microscopic holes, to filter even the smallest debris and dirt from your pool water. Magnified, diatomaceous earth (DE) looks like a sponge and while this powder allows water to pass through it is the most effective type of filter for particles as small as two to five microns. The Hayward EC-50 DE filter system cleans your pool water quickly and features a Flex-Tube design for longer filtration cycles as the DE filter powder is reused. In addition, the Hayward EC-50 filter cleans without backwashing so you don’t waste hundreds of gallons of pool water.

This revolutionary Hayward above ground pool filter system provides the most advanced water cleaning technology available. It is constructed of heavy-duty materials to ensure that the Hayward EC-50 DE filter is a durable product that provides quality filtration for you above ground pool for years.
  • System comes complete with hoses, hose adapters, hose clamps, and drain valve
  • Bump handle technology allows the Flex-Tubes to instantly and consistently clear themselves of dirt and DE powder
  • Air is automatically expelled from the system via the self-venting design
  • Recommended for 28’ to 33’ round and 18’x36’ and 18’x39’ oval above ground pools
  • Quick, efficient filtration of even the smallest particles
Hayward is one of the top names in pool equipment manufacturing and the Hayward EC-50 filter system is the perfect example of the kind of excellence that customers have come to expect from this manufacturer. H_A_F

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  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY!  WAS 
    4 Month
    Payment Plan
    E3014   EC-50 System w/ 1HP Matrix Pump   $553.49   $614.99   $138.37  

    Max Pool Size (gallons) 24,000

    E3012   EC-50 Filter Only   $386.99   $429.99   $96.75  

    Max Pool Size (gallons) 24,000

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