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Intex Cartridge Filter Pumps

Discover the enhanced filtration functionality of the Intex cartridge filter pumps.  For all your pool supplies at the most affordable prices online, Save on Pools has everything you need.The Intex filter pump helps to keep your pool water clear throughout the summer by removing debris from your pool and circulating your pool water.

  • Maintain the clearest possible water
  • Compatible with all Intex Pools and even other above ground pools
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Minimal setup and easy installation

    If you own an Intex pool, the Intex pool filter pump is a must-have accessory. They are compatible with all varieties of Intex pools and can even be adapted for other varieties of above ground pools. All Intex pool filter pumps include two hoses.

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    B3522   2,500 Gallon Filter Pump   $81.56  

    B3518   1,000 Gallon Filter Pump   N/A  

    We apologize! This item is out of stock for the season.

    B3516   530 Gallon Gallon Filter Pump   N/A  

    We apologize! This item is out of stock for the season.

    B3520   1,500 Gallon Filter Pump   N/A  

    We apologize! This item is out of stock for the season.

    Intex is one of the leading above ground pool manufacturers. Intex above ground pools have a reputation as being affordable, durable, and easy to assemble making them among the most popular choices for people interested in buying a pool. The Intex cartridge filter pump continues their tradition of outstanding pool products.

    Moreover, you can get both Intex 4000 gallon filter pumps and Intex 2500 gallon filter pumps so that you can get the ideal filtration for your pool. With the Intex pool pump, you get faster water circulation and enhanced filtration so your pool water is always crystal clear. When it comes to enjoying your swimming experience, it’s hard to argue with the importance of clean and clear pool water. Nobody wants to swim in a pool with leaves and other large debris floating around in the pool. With the Intex cartridge filter pump you help to maintain your pool water for an enhanced swimming experience.

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