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Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heaters

Pentair MasterTemp pool heaters provide remarkably fast, efficient and quiet operation. Certified for low NOx emissions, Pentair MasterTemp pool heaters are powerful yet very compact in design.MasterTemp™ – Pentair’s newest innovation in Heaters is sure to meet the unique standards of every pool owner.
  • Pentair MasterTemp swimming pool heaters work fast, efficiently and quietly.
  • Provide safe and reliable operation.
  • Compact design allows for smaller equipment pads and less intrusion on your poolscape.
  • Provide fast heating with their fully pre-mixed system and optimized air and gas mixture.
  • Rotating digital display allows for easy viewing.
  • User-friendly features include hot surface ignition (no pilot light), digital controls and LED indicator lights.
  • Eco-friendly Pentair MasterTemp swimming pool heaters are certified for low NOx emissions.
  • Rustproof, rugged composite exterior provides outstanding durability.
  • High efficiency rating translates into economical operation. P_H

NOTE: These heaters are for residential use only. Click here for ASME certified commercial heaters.

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  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY!  WAS 
    4 Month
    Payment Plan
    E3800   Mastertemp Heater 200K NAT GAS   $1,817.99   $2,019.99   $454.50  

    E3805   Mastertemp Heater 200K PROPANE   $1,817.99   $2,019.99   $454.50  

    E3810   Mastertemp Heater 250K NAT GAS   $1,934.99   $2,149.99   $483.75  

    E3815   Mastertemp Heater 250K PROPANE   $1,934.99   $2,149.99   $483.75  

    E3820   Mastertemp Heater 300K NAT GAS   $2,020.49   $2,244.99   $505.12  

    E3825   Mastertemp Heater 300K PROPANE   $2,020.49   $2,244.99   $505.12  

    E3830   Mastertemp Heater 400K NAT GAS   $2,429.99   $2,699.99   $607.50  

    E3835   Mastertemp Heater 400K PROPANE   $2,429.99   $2,699.99   $607.50  

    Pentair MasterTemp swimming pool heaters are incredibly high performance pool heaters, especially considering their very compact design. By occupying very little space, Pentair pool heaters are easy to install in tight spaces and will intrude minimally on your poolscape. Yet, at the same time, these compact Pentair swimming pool heaters will provide incredibly efficient and fast water heating. In fact, the fully pre-mixed system of Pentair MasterTemp pool heaters features a highly efficient air and gas mixture that eliminates long waits before swimming by heating up quickly.

    With pushbutton digital controls, user-friendly indicator lights and hot surface ignition, MasterTemp Pentair pool heaters allow for incredibly easy operation and monitoring. Certified for low NOx emissions and providing super-quiet operation, these pool heaters simply outperform both the competition and industry standards. With an array of safety features and rugged, rust-proof construction, Pentair MasterTemp pool heaters will provide safe and reliable performance for many years.

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