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Raypak RP2100 Natural Gas Heaters

Find powerful, energy efficient Raypak RP2100 natural gas heaters at great prices. Raypak RP2100 natural gas swimming pool heaters exceed all state and federal efficiency standards.Free Lift Gate Service – Included With This Item!

Capture the summer heat and make it last with a Raypak Heater!
  • Raypak RP2100 natural gas heaters provide maximized heating performance and superior energy efficiency.
  • Wind resistant design protects the unit from rain, sleet, snow, wind, falling leaves and airborne debris.
  • Exterior cabinet and internals are non-corrosive and rust resistant for outstanding durability.
  • Allows for easy, trouble-free operation.
  • Mechanical thermostat allows for precise, simple temperature control.
  • Polymer heads prevent rust stains from marring your pool surface.
  • Copper fin tube heat exchanger provides maximum heat transfer.
  • Completely nonferrous waterways keep your pool rust free.
  • Condensation protection enhances durability.
  • The Raypak natural gas pool heater has an impressive efficiency rating of 82%.
* Electric model is shown

NOTE: These heaters are for residential use only. Click here for ASME certified commercial heaters.

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY! 
4 Month
Payment Plan
E6066   RAYPAK 206K BTU MILLIVOLT NAT.   $1,599.99   $400.00  

E6070   RAYPAK 206K ELEC. NAT.   $1,699.99   $425.00  

E6074   RAYPAK 266K BTU MILLIVOLT. NAT.   $1,899.99   $475.00  

E6078   RAYPAK 266K BTU ELEC. NAT.   $1,844.99   $461.25  

E6082   RAYPAK 336K BTU MILLIVOLT. NAT.   $2,099.99   $525.00  

E6086   RAYPAK 336K BTU ELEC. NAT.   $1,889.99   $472.50  

E6090   RAYPAK 406K BTU MILLIVOLT NAT   $2,349.99   $587.50  

E6094   RAYPAK 406K BTU ELEC. NAT.   $2,449.99   $612.50  

E6106   RAYPAK 206 INDOOR TOP 6   $144.99   N/A  

E6108   RAYPAK 266 INDOOR TOP 7   $144.99   N/A  

E6110   RAYPAK 336 INDOOR TOP 8   $144.99   N/A  

E6112   RAYPAK 406 INDOOR TOP 9   $144.99   N/A  

Extend your swimming season and enjoy your pool longer with a Raypak natural gas pool heater. Raypak RP2100 natural gas heaters provide fast and efficient pool heating that you can rely on. These high-performing pool heaters are remarkably easy to operate with their digital controls and microprocessor controlled thermostat. In fact, pool owners can precisely set the temperature to their favorite setting and let the heater do the rest. It's truly that simple. Raypak RP2100 natural gas heaters are also self-diagnostic units, allowing for surprisingly easy troubleshooting.

Raypak RP2100 natural gas swimming pool heaters are built to last and to provide a high level of efficiency that translates to low operating costs. With a wind resistant design and rustproof components, Raypak RP2100 natural gas heaters are protected from drafts, rain, sleet and snow. The heater cabinet is also polyester coated and non-corrosive for even greater durability. With copper finned tubes that allow for maximum heat transfer, Raypak RP2100 natural gas heaters boast a high energy efficiency of 82% and exceed all federal and state standards.

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