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Hayward Swimpure Chlorine Generator

Are you shopping for a Hayward Swimpure Chlorine Generator? We offer an impressive range of Hayward pool equipment and accessories at the lowest online prices.PRODUCES AND INJECTS CHLORINE INTO YOUR POOL AUTOMATICALLY!

Known for their superior quality pool equipment, Hayward has become one of the leading pool supply brands in North America. The Hayward Swimpure Chlorine generator is an electronic salt chlorinator that automatically creates chlorine to sanitize your swimming water. Indeed, the Hayward Swimpure helps to create perfectly balanced swim water that is crystal clear and free from dangerous organic contaminants.
  • Easy to operate with a dial for adjusting chlorine output.
  • Creates soft, comfortable pool water
  • Reduces red eyes and dry skin
  • Completely automated
  • Features patented Turbo Cell technology
  • Self cleaning
  • Can be hard wired, either 120v or 240v
The Hayward Swimpure Chlorine Generator produces pure chlorine every day that is distributed through your filtration system into the pool. Pool owners love the Hayward Swimpure Salt Chlorinator because it automatically produces the chlorine needed to clean your water while evenly distributing the sanitizer throughout your pool through the return jets in the filtration system. In fact, the Hayward Swimpure Salt system can produce as much as 1.45lbs of chlorine every day making it ideal for pools up to 40,000 gallons. The Hayward Swimpure generates chlorine from non-iodized salt that is added to your pool water but also recycles the oxidized chlorine back into salt so it can be reused by the system. When it comes to easily sanitizing your swimming pool, nothing compares with the Hayward Swimpure Chlorine Generator: just add water softener salt to your system once and then top it up a few times a year and you’re done. It’s so simple.

  • What is a Chlorine Generator?

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  • Compatibility Information

  • Warranty: 3-Year, Limited
  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Description ONLY! 
    4 Month
    Payment Plan
    A2810   Swimpure up to 15K Gallons   $779.00   $194.75  

    A2438   Replacement Cell up to 15K Gallons   $225.00   N/A  

    A2812   Swimpure up to 25K Gallons   $959.00   $239.75  

    A2436   Replacement Cell up to 25K Gallons   $389.00   N/A  

    A2814   Swimpure up to 40K Gallons   $1,119.00   $279.75  

    A2455   Replacement Cell up to 40K Gallons   $549.00   $137.25  

    A8060   Salt Test Strips (25 count)   $24.99   N/A  

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