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Hayward Pool Filters and Pumps

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The Hayward PowerFlo Matrix combines a heavy-duty motor with rugged, corrosion proof housing to produce one of the longest lasting above ground swimming pool pumps, requiring little or no maintenance.
Hayward PowerFlo Matrix Above Ground Pool Pumps
1-HP PowerFlo Matrix
When it comes to swimming pool equipment, few names are trusted like Hayward. Save on Pools has your Hayward pool products, including economy Hayward above ground pool pumps, at the best online prices
Hayward Powerflo LX Economy Above Ground Pumps
1 HP Powerflo LX Economy Pump
Hayward EC-40 DE swimming pool filters remove the smallest particles of debris from pool water, providing the best water quality Hayward has to offer. Available with the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix pump.
Hayward EC-40 Extended Cycle D.E. Pool Filter Systems for Above Ground Pools
EC-40 D.E. Filter Only
Find great prices on Hayward extended cycle DE pool filters like the Hayward EC65 and the Hayward EC75. For superior filtration at affordable prices shop Hayward DE filters from Save On Pool Supplies.
Hayward Extended Cycle D.E. Pool Filters (in ground pools)
EC65 Pool Filter Only
Hayward Max Flo XL pool pump for inground swimming pools is energy efficient with high flow rates and quick turnover times. Extra large hair and lint trap for easy cleaning. Hayward pool pumps.
Hayward Max-Flo XL Pool Pump
Filter valve body and cover are made of durable ABS plastic. The Hayward six-position pool filter valve has an easy-to-use handle, steel spring, neoprene valve seat and a built-in sight glass.
Hayward Multiport Valves
1 1/2 Inch
High capacity sand filters are self-cleaning and provide efficient flow. Hayward Pro Series side mount sand filters for in ground swimming pools are the very latest in pool filter technology.
Hayward Pro Series Side-Mount Sand Pool Filters (in ground pools)
20 Inch Sand Filter With Valve Only
Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid DE Pool filters provide superior water clarity, efficient flow and large cleaning capacity. Free shipping!
Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid In-Ground DE Filter Systems
24 Sq. Ft. DE Filter Only (Valve not included)
Hayward pool filters with heavy duty cleaning capacity to provide longer cleaning cycles. Hayward Super Star Large Capacity Cartridge filter for in-ground swimming pools. In The Swim pool filters.
Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter
225 sq. ft.
The Hayward VL Series 13 inch Sand Filter System has been specially constructed for above ground pools up to 11,000 gallons, including soft sided pools!
Hayward 13 inch Sand Filter System
Hayward 13 inch Sand Filter System
For pools up to 11,000 gallons
Replace your ¾ HP booster pump with Hayward’s new high performance pump!Improve performance with 1 1/2” plumbing union fittings. ¾” hose barb union adapters can easily fit on existing installations.
Hayward Booster Pump
Hayward Booster Pump
The Hayward EcoStar and EcoStar SVRS variable speed pumps are the most efficient pumps at any speed. They can save up to 90 percent on energy costs over a single-speed pump.
Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Pump
EcoStar Variable Speed Pump
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When looking for filters and pumps for your swimming pool, you want products and brands that you can trust. As one of the most trusted and respected brand names in the pool equipment industry, Hayward provides durable and high performing products that outlast and outperform their competition. At Save On Pool Supplies, we offer a wide range of Hayward pool filters and pumps for above ground and in ground swimming pools at unbeatable discount prices.

Featuring advanced technology and constructed from strong, high quality materials, Hayward swimming pool filters and pumps will provide you with the results you want year after year. Save On Pool Supplies' excellent selection of Hayward filters and pumps includes the EC-30 DE Filter System for above ground pools, the Pro Series Sand Pool Filter for in ground pools, the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix Pool Pump, the Hayward Max-Flo Pool Pump and many others.

The Hayward EC-30 DE Filter System features a unique design which gives longer cycles between cleaning. This system can clean your pool without backwashing and can remove even the smallest particles on their first trip through the filter. This model is self-venting and its heavy-duty construction allows for ongoing high performance. The Pro Series Sand Pool Filters for in ground pools also feature rugged construction for exceptional durability. In addition, these in ground pool filters are extremely energy efficient and provide outstanding flow rates.

The Hayward PowerFlo Matrix Pool Pump is a self-priming model designed for above ground swimming pools. Lightweight yet strong and durable, this model features a high output motor for very efficient and powerful operation. The Hayward Max-Flo Pool Pump for in ground swimming pools is also an exceptional model. Featuring corrosion-proof construction and quiet yet powerful operation, this pump will provide high flow rates and fast turnover times year after year.

With such a great selection of Hayward pool filters and pumps available to choose from, Save On Pool Supplies is the best place to find exactly the right equipment for your swimming pool. Moreover, with discount prices and no shipping and handling charges, Save On Pool Supplies also offers incredible value and affordability.

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