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Pool Pilot Digital Nano

The Digital Nano creates .8 pounds of chlorine a day in order to keep pool water maintained. The Digital Nano tells you how much salt to add once it starts to run near the end of its supply.Turn ordinary salt into pure chlorine and make your pool silky soft with the energy efficient, environment friendly, Pool Pilot Digital Nano. The Digital Nano salt water chlorine generator is easy to install and easy to use. With microprocessor controls and a digital readout of pool water temperature, current salt level, purifier production level and more are easily monitored. It even tells you how much salt to add should it run low. Digital Nano produces 0.8 Lbs. of chlorine per day to maintain pools up to 22,000 gallons and is available in 115V and 220V models. Digital Nano+ produces 1.06 Lbs. of chlorine per day to maintain pools up to 28,000 gallons and is available in 115V and 220V models.
  • Operates in water up to 104F/40C
  • Push button controls
  • Patented temperature compensation
  • Automatic cell cleaning
  • Patented Cell Manifold makes installation easy
Cell Manifold Features:
  • Chlorine production cell produces 100% pure sodium hypochlorite in the pool plumbing and returns it right to the pool.
  • Patented by pass manifold is a preassembled unit designed to control the rate of flow delivered to the cell.
  • Spring check valve in the manifold allows excess flow over 20 gpms to bypass the cell.
  • In-line strainer protects the tri-sensor and production cell from debris that might bypass the filter.
  • The tri-sensor is a 3 way sensing device which measures flow, salt level, & water temp.

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  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY! 
    A2406   Pool Pilot Digital Nano 110V Salt Chlorine Generator   $757.00  

    A2426   Pool Pilot Digital Nano 220V Salt Chlorine Generator   $757.00  

    A2427   Pool Pilot Digital Nano+ 110V Salt Chlorine Generator   $801.00  

    A2428   Pool Pilot Digital Nano+ 220V Salt Chlorine Generator   $801.00  

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