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In Ground Pool Filters

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Hayward pro series sand filters set the standard for performance and efficiency and Save on Pool Supplies offers this exceptional filter at an unbelievable price.
Hayward Pro Series Sand Pool Filters (in ground pools)
22 Inch Sand Filter With Valve Only
Find great prices on Hayward extended cycle DE pool filters like the Hayward EC65 and the Hayward EC75. For superior filtration at affordable prices shop Hayward DE filters from Save On Pool Supplies.
Hayward Extended Cycle D.E. Pool Filters (in ground pools)
EC65 Pool Filter Only
Hayward Star Clear Plus catridge pool filter for in ground swimming pools offer great performance, high efficiency and crystal clear water.
Hayward Star Clear Plus In-Ground Pool Filter Systems
75 sq. ft. Filter Only
The S200 sand filter offers a high performance, totally corrosion-proof filter that combines superior filtration and features with ease of operation.
Hayward S200 Filter with 1.5-inch Vari-Flo Valve
S200 Filter w/ 1.5-inch Vari-Flo Valve
High capacity sand filters are self-cleaning and provide efficient flow. Hayward Pro Series side mount sand filters for in ground swimming pools are the very latest in pool filter technology.
Hayward Pro Series Side-Mount Sand Pool Filters (in ground pools)
20 Inch Sand Filter With Valve Only
Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid DE Pool filters provide superior water clarity, efficient flow and large cleaning capacity. Free shipping!
Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid In-Ground DE Filter Systems
24 Sq. Ft. DE Filter Only (Valve not included)
Hayward pool filters with heavy duty cleaning capacity to provide longer cleaning cycles. Hayward Super Star Large Capacity Cartridge filter for in-ground swimming pools. In The Swim pool filters.
Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter
225 sq. ft.
The Sand Dollar® filter features a special internal filter design that keeps the sand bed level which is critical for consistent performance and extended filter cycles and a one-piece thermoplastic fi
Pentair Sand Dollar High-Rate Sand Filter Systems for In-Ground Pools
22.5 Inch Sand Filter System (with 3/4-HP pump)
Hayward Star-Clear cartridge filters provide crystal clear water and have extra cleaning capacity to accommodate pools and spas of all types and sizes. Star-Clear sets the standard of excellence & val
Hayward Star Clear Cartridge Filters
Triton® II is the result of over 40 years of product evolution and refinement.  It has set the industry  standard for effectiveness, efficiency, long runs between service and providing years of depend
Pentair Triton II Side-Mount Sand Filters
Triton TR 60 24 inch Sand Filter Only (Valve not included)
The Clean & Clear® cartridge filters feature an easily accessible removable filter cartridge that provides quick, convenient cleaning, a rugged fiberglass reinforced polypropylene tank and a unique Hi
Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter Systems for In-Ground Pools
320 sq. ft. Cartridge Filter System (with 1-HP pump)
Pentair’s side mounted, pre-plumbed valves are designed for maximum performance and working pressures.
Pentair Side Mount Pre-Plumbed Valves
2 inch Multiport Valve
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Easily the most important aspect of swimming pool maintenance is keeping your pool water clean and clear. First of all, attractive water appeals to swimmers. When you walk up to a pool with a perfectly still surface over crystal blue water, your instincts urge you to jump in. On the other hand, when you approach a murky pool with blooms of algae and floating debris, it’s as if you can’t turn away fast enough. Still, more importantly, clean pool water is essential for healthy swimmers.

In-ground pool filters are at the center of clean pool water. Your pool’s filtration system, which is composed of an inground pool filter and a pump, draws water from the pool and through the filter to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants. In-ground pool filters are your first point of defence against murky water as they run continuously in the background working to remove debris.

There are 3 types of in-ground pool filters.
Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) in-ground swimming pool filters
Sand in-ground swimming pool filters
Cartridge in-ground swimming pool filters

Each of these types of in-ground pool filters has their advantages and disadvantages. Sand filters are among the most affordable and common type of inground swimming pool filters. They are durable as they collect debris in a filter that is essentially a sand bed. Unfortunately, while excellent for trapping large debris, these in-ground pool filters are not great for finer particles. Cartridge in-ground pool filters are more efficient that sand filters in addition to being easier to maintain. These in-ground pool filters usually have a larger surface area so that more debris can be filtered. Surprisingly, cartridge inground pool filters are also less expensive to operate and they require less pressure.

Finally, D.E. inground swimming pool filters are somewhat more expensive to purchase but provide the finest filtration ability. D.E. inground pool filters can remove particles as small as 2 to 5 microns so that you can have the purest possible water. However, like sand filters, they require more maintenance and need to be backwashed from time to time to ensure their effectiveness. Save On Pool Supplies carries a range of excellent inground pool filters to fit any budget or pool.

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