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Leaf Nets & Hand Held Pool Skimmers

The Skim-It is a swimming pool skimming device which extends the reach of a pool's skimmer to increase its efficiency and performance. The Skim-It can reduce hand skimming time by 75%.
Leaf skimmers feature sturdy yet flexible frames and fine mesh netting for easy removal of leaves, insects and other pool debris. Standard Leaf Skimmers and Pro-Strength Leaf Skimmers are available.
Leaf Skimmers
Standard Leaf Skimmer
Heavy-duty swimming pool leaf rakes feature 16 inch mesh bags that can scoop up a large volume of leaves. With aluminum bar frames, heavy-duty leaf rakes are durable and won't bend or break.
Leaf Rakes
Standard Leaf Rake
Telescoping pool cleaning pole allows you to clean hard to reach areas in your swimming pool. Pool vacuum pole extends from 7 to 21 ft, and fits any pool leaf skimmer or pool leaf net.
Telescoping Pole
15 ft. - 3-Piece Telepole
Use this convenient swimming pool leaf net cover to trap fine debris floating on the surface of your swimming pool water. Pool skimmers and swimming pool leaf nets from In The Swim.
Leaf Skimmer Cover
Pool Leaf Net Cover
The Jet Net Remote Control Pool Skimmer skims your pool as you steer it around! The skimmer net can be easily lifted from the top of the boat for debris removal and offers a light weight design.
Jet Net Remote Control Pool Skimmer
Jet Net
No job is too small for this simple but highly effective 4' telescoping pool with integreated leaf net.  Lightweight, easy to use, & affordable pool cleaning equipment from Save On Pool Supplies!
Telescoping Pole with Leaf Skimmer
4 ft. Telecoping Pole with Leaf Skimmer

When you shop for leaf nets and hand held pool skimmers at Save on Pool Supplies, you will find great quality products and great prices. While it's simply unavoidable that at least some debris will end up in your pool water during the swimming season, clearing that debris away doesn't have to be difficult. Whether you have an above ground swimming pool or an in ground swimming pool, Save on Pool Supplies has skimmer nets and accessories that will allow you to quickly and easily clean your pool water of leaves and other debris so you can swim in clean, clear water everyday.

One of our best-selling products in this category is the Skim-It, which can be used with most above ground and in ground swimming pools. Constructed from rigid and durable ABS plastic, this skimmer is easy to install and will reduce the time spent cleaning your pool up to 75 per cent. The Skim Shark Automatic Pool Skimmer is another fantastic product that will make cleaning your pool a breeze. This automatic skimmer floats on the surface of the pool water and moves in a random pattern to remove debris from pools of any size.

Save on Pool Supplies also offers hand held pool skimmers and leaf nets. Built to last and to provide you with service you can truly rely on, our durable hand held leaf skimmers feature sturdy frames and mesh nets that are perfect for removing leaves, bugs and other debris from your pool. These hand held pool skimmers won't become brittle and will attach to any telescoping pole. Similarly, our hand held leaf rakes feature a sturdy aluminum frame that will prevent bending and breakage.

With leaf nets and pool skimmers from Save on Pool Supplies, your swimming pool maintenance routine will be faster and easier. Also bound to make you smile are our amazing discount prices and lack of any hidden charges or fees. At Save on Pool Supplies, you will find all the products that you need as well as the great value that you've been looking for.

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