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Pentair Sand Dollar Sand Filter Systems for Above Ground Pools

Save money when you buy the Pentair Sand Dollar filter from Save On Pool Supplies. Efficient filtration at an affordable price has made Pentair filters among the most popular for pool owners.Pentair Sand Dollar Filter

Filtration is an integral system in your pool. Not only does filtration remove dirt and debris from your pool, but filtration systems can also help to distribute water and chemicals through your pool. Sand filters have long been among the most popular types of filters because they are easy to use, effective, and affordable. The Pentair Sand Dollar filter combines high performance and quality in an inexpensive package. Moreover, Pentair sand filters are among the simplest filters manufactured by Pentair.

There are several benefits to buying a Pentair Sand Dollar filter but perhaps the greatest benefit is the fact that the Pentair pool sand filter will remove particles as much as one fifth the size of traditional sand filters. Pentair has long been one of the most trusted names in pool equipment and the Pentair Sand Dollar filter exceeds the high standards of quality and efficiency set by this premier pool company. When you buy a Pentair Sand Dollar filter, you know you’re getting a great value for your money.
  • Top-mounted multiport valve for total control
  • Easy servicing and winterizing with the combination water/sand drain
  • Features a one piece thermoplastic tank for enhanced durability and lifespan
  • Advanced internal design maintains a level bed for consistent performance
  • Basic almond color blends into any decor
  • Large capacity
  • One-year warranty.
The Pentair sand dollar sand filter is one of the best on the market and it will help you to maintain crystal clear swimming water.

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  •   Available Products
    Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY!  WAS 
    4 Month
    Payment Plan
    E3605   16.5 Inch Sand Filter System (with 3/4 HP pump)   $399.49   $469.99   $99.87  

    Max. Pool Size (gallons) 16,800 - Sand Required 100 lbs.

    E3625   22.5 Inch Sand Filter System (with 1.5 HP pump)   $503.99   $559.99   $126.00  

    Max. Pool Size (gallons) 28,800 - Sand Required 200 lbs.

    E3620   22.5 Inch Sand Filter With Valve Only   $350.99   $389.99   $87.75  

    Max. Pool Size (gallons) 28,800 - Sand Required 200 lbs.

         Product 1 out of 1 in Pentair Above Ground Pool Filters     

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