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Pool Cleaning Equipment

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The Leaf Canister’s first rate design allows water to flow smoothly to your pump as leaves are trapped on their way through the canister into a mesh bag.
Hayward Large Capacity Leaf Canister
Hayward Large Capacity Leaf Canister
Intex Deluxe Wall Mounted Surface Skimmer
Out of Stock
Intex Deluxe Wall Mounted Surface Skimmer
The Slime Bag™ features a unique combination of material that allows it to filter particles as small as 1 micron, while returning the clean water to your pool.
The Slime Bag
The Polishing Bag™
Heavy-duty swimming pool leaf rakes feature 16 inch mesh bags that can scoop up a large volume of leaves. With aluminum bar frames, heavy-duty leaf rakes are durable and won't bend or break.
Leaf Rakes
Standard Leaf Rake
The Skim-It is a swimming pool skimming device which extends the reach of a pool's skimmer to increase its efficiency and performance. The Skim-It can reduce hand skimming time by 75%.
Telescoping pool cleaning pole allows you to clean hard to reach areas in your swimming pool. Pool vacuum pole extends from 7 to 21 ft, and fits any pool leaf skimmer or pool leaf net.
Telescoping Pole
15 ft. - 3-Piece Telepole
Use this convenient swimming pool leaf net cover to trap fine debris floating on the surface of your swimming pool water. Pool skimmers and swimming pool leaf nets from In The Swim.
Leaf Skimmer Cover
Pool Leaf Net Cover
Leaf skimmers feature sturdy yet flexible frames and fine mesh netting for easy removal of leaves, insects and other pool debris. Standard Leaf Skimmers and Pro-Strength Leaf Skimmers are available.
Leaf Skimmers
Standard Leaf Skimmer
Brush is recommended for preparing pool and deck surfaces for a long-lasting paint application.
10 in. Acid Wash Brush & Extension Pole
4 ft. Wood Extension Pole
Pool brush attaches to telescoping pool cleaning pole for cleaning swimming pools. Pool brush bristles in staggered pattern for full coverage during swimming pool cleaning. Pool cleaning corner brush.
Corner Brush
Corner Brush
Find great deals on Deluxe Pool Wall Brushes.  Deluxe Pool Brushes feature rounded ends for easier cleaning of pool corners and can remove even the toughest dirt with their thick, heavy bristles.
Deluxe Wall Brushes
18 in. wall brush
Remove stains and scum lines from your swimming pool with the pool Stain Eraser. Works like a pencil eraser to remove pool stains with very little scrubbing. Pool stain remover from In The Swim.
Stain EraserTM
Stain EraserTM Concrete
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Keep your swimming pool clean and functioning smoothly all season long with reliable and high quality pool cleaning equipment from Save on Pool Supplies. As your premier source for top-of-the-line pool products, Save on Pool Supplies has everything you need to keep your swimming pool free of dirt, leaves and contaminants so you can enjoy swimming in crystal-clear, sanitized water.

From skimmers and brushes to stain removers and cartridge cleaners, Save on Pool Supplies has an outstanding selection of pool cleaning equipment to meet all of your cleaning needs. Our pool skimmers include the best-selling Skim-It, which reduces cleaning time by 75 per cent and is ideal for most above ground and in the ground swimming pools. We also offer the Skim Shark Automatic Pool Skimmer, which will move across the surface of your pool water in a random pattern, removing leaves and other floating debris. Our inventory of pool cleaning equipment also includes a number of different handheld skimmers as well as related accessories such as telescoping poles.

At Save on Pool Supplies, you can also find numerous other products for keeping your swimming pool clean. For example, the Stain Eraser effectively removes stains and scum lines without any harsh chemicals. This means that the Stain Eraser won't scratch or otherwise damage the surface of your pool. We also offer deluxe wall brushes that are ideal for removing even the toughest dirt from concrete, fibreglass or lined pools. Our selection of pool cleaning equipment also includes other types of brushes and cleaners, such as the Acid Wash Brush, designed for preparing pool decks for paint application.

While you will enjoy the excellent pool cleaning equipment and products that Save on Pool Supplies has to offer, you will also enjoy our remarkable discount prices and lack of shipping and handling fees. With all of our first-class, budget-friendly pool cleaning products, you will find everything you need at Save on Pool Supplies without hurting your wallet.

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