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Diatomaceous Earth

Find diatomaceous earth powder for outstanding value. DE powder is the filtration media for DE swimming pool filter systems. High-grade DE powder will not clump and is a naturally occurring substance.High quality diatomaceous earth powder for high quality filtration results!

Diatomaceous earth powder is a naturally occurring substance which consists of the crushed fossilized remains of tiny diatoms. Full of microscopic nooks and crannies, DE powder is very porous and is an excellent filtration media. As water passes through diatomaceous earth pool filter systems, debris particles become trapped in the powder's nooks and crannies while clean, purified water is allowed to pass through. The result is truly remarkable water filtration.

In fact, diatomaceous earth powder can filter out debris particles as small as 3 to 5 microns, providing the best swimming pool water filtration currently available. Our DE powder is very high quality powder and will maintain sparkling, crystal-clear water that is pleasant to look at and pleasant to swim in. Fresh diatomaceous earth powder is required every time diatomaceous earth systems are backwashed.

  Available Products
Qty. Item No. Weight ONLY!  WAS 
A6200   25 LBS.   $19.99   $24.99  

A6210   50 LBS. (2 x 25)   $44.99   $44.99  

Note: 50 lb. size shipped in 2 x 25 lb. boxes

A6215   100 LBS. (4 x 25)   $79.99   $79.99  

A6220   200 LBS. (8 x 25)   $159.98   $159.98  

A6195   D.E. Scooper (1 lb. capacity)   $9.99   $9.99  

Quick facts:
  • Diatomaceous earth powder is the filtration media for DE pool filter systems.
  • DE powder is naturally occurring and is derived from the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms.
  • DE powder traps debris particles as small as 3 to 5 microns.
  • Provides the highest level of pool water filtration currently available.
  • High-grade powder will not clump.
  • Should be replaced with fresh DE powder each time you backwash your DE pool filter system.
  • Recommended amount for above ground DE pool filter systems: 4 lbs.
  • Recommended amount for in-ground DE pool filter systems: 8 lbs.
  • Our DE powder is available in several different quantities.
  • Economically priced for outstanding value!

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