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ZeoSand Filter Media

Superpower your sand filter with ZeoSand Filter Media from Save On Pool Supplies. We offer some of the lowest online prices and we carry an extensive range of affordable pool supplies.ZeoSand improves your sand filters performance by trapping more dirt and particles decreasing back wash time. One 50 lb bag of ZeoSand is the equivalent to 100 lbs of sand.
  • Superior Water Clarity
  • All Natural Zeolites are Environmentally Safe
  • Removes Eye-Burning Chloramines
  • Reduce Chemical Usage
  • Easy to use
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NEW! Zeo Filter Cleaner
  • Cleans and recharges ZeoSand filter media!
  • Quickly removes scale and oils to extend filter cycles and the life of your ZeoSand filter media.
  • Dosage:
    Up to 24 in. sand filter = 1 qt.
    30in. - 36 in. sand filter = 2 qt.

  Available Products
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A6405   ZeoSand 25 lbs.   $26.99   $26.99  

A6400   ZeoSand 50 lbs.   $34.99   $39.99  

A6410   Zeo Filter Cleaner   $29.99   $29.99  

Swimming pool filters are an integral part of your pool maintenance system. Filters remove dirt and debris and even organic contaminants from your pool so that you can have perfectly clear and attractive water in your pool. There are three types of filters: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth filters. For the most part, sand filters are common in private swimming pools. Water is forced through a bed of sand where debris is filtered and then the water is returned to the pool water. Unfortunately, different pool filters offer different benefits and while sand filters are highly effective, they can sometimes miss the smallest particles, which is why many pool owners like diatomaceous earth filters.

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