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Pool Wall Skimmers and Skimmer Parts

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Enhance the operation of your in ground suction style pool cleaner with a Hayward Skimmer Vacuum Plate which automatically alternates between skimming and vacuuming, providing a thorough cleaning.
Hayward Skimmer Vacuum Plate
Auto Skimmer Vac Plate Small
The E1880 in-ground pool skimmer SP10852 from Hayward is ideal for vinyl inground swimming pools. Skimmer face measures 15.5 inches.
Hayward WideMouth Vinyl Skimmmer
Hayward WideMouth Vinyl Skimmmer
Save time, energy, and money with Infusion Venturi return line fittings. These jets feature an advanced design that enhances water circulation for improved chemical and heat distribution.
Infusion Venturi Return Line Fitting
Infusion Venturi Return Fitting Threaded 1.5 inch
Protect your pool skimmer from costly ice damage and get more life out of your winter cover with the SkimSaver™ Lid'L Seal™.
Lid'L Seal Winter Kit for Above Ground Pools
Standard Above Ground Lid'L Seal Replacement Lid Only
Lid’l Seal winterizing lids are available for the most common above ground skimmers and fit existing Lid’l Seal faceplates and protect your skimmer from ice damage in cold winter months.
Lid’L Seal Lid Only for Above Ground Pools
Standard Above Ground Lid'l Seal Lid Only
Replacement skimmer basket for Hayward Standard Mouth above ground skimmer, SP1091LX (E1860) and Widemouth Skimmer, SP1091WM (E1846). 
Manufacturer Part # SPX1091C
Replacement Above Ground Skimmer Basket
Replacement Above Ground Skimmer Basket
The Skim Bag skimmer filter is perfect for pre-filtering out pet hair, cottonwood debris, pine needles and anything that can pass through a standard skimmer basket.
Skim Bag Skimmer Filter
Skim Bag Skimmer Filter - Mesh
The Skimmer Grille is a decorative cover that allows for normal water flow and debris intake while blocking out large floating objects like pool toys and floating chlorinators.
Skimmer Grille
Widemouth A/G Skimmer Grille
Permacast skimmer anodes provide corrosion resistance in pools with salt systems.  These sacrificial zinc anodes are efficient and economical.
Technode Utility Anode for Skimmers
Technode Utility Anode for Skimmers
These mighty-sized, one-piece gaskets are designed to inhibit rust where it is most likely to start, at the skimmer opening.
The set includes both standard and widemouth sizes and a return gasket.
Wall Saver Above Ground Gasket Set
Wall Saver Above Ground Gasket Set
This skimmer is for above ground pools with a wide wall opening and features a built-in, automatic water leveler.  Just affix a standard garden hose to the side and turn it on.
Water Leveling Widemouth Above Ground Skimmer
Water Leveling Widemouth Above Ground Skimmer
Keep your skimmer dry and protected all winter long by preventing freeze damage without draining your pool! Simply replace your existing skimmer plate for the winter with the Skimmer Plug!
Water Tight Skimmer Plug for Above Ground Pools
H-Series Standard AG Skimmer Plug
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Save on Pool Supplies is your source for pool wall skimmers and skimmer parts. Whether you're in the market for an entire new skimmer or replacement components, we have everything you need. Our Hayward in-ground skimmers are built to last with durable, corrosion resistant bodies. These pool wall skimmers also feature large debris baskets and adjustable deck collars and access covers.

Our selection of swimming pool equipment also includes a wide variety of individual skimmer parts such as replacement skimmer baskets from a number of highly respected manufacturers. For example, we offer replacement skimmer baskets made by Hayward, American Products, Baker Hydro, Swim-Pro and Clayton-Lambert. At Save on Pool Supplies, you can also find top covers, replacement skimmer weir flaps, skimmer vac adapters, face plates, return fittings and gaskets sets.

When selecting replacement components for your skimmer such as replacement skimmer baskets, it's important to make sure that you choose a replacement part that will fit your particular skimmer. For replacement baskets, measure both diameter and height. Our selection of replacement skimmer baskets features products of many different shapes and sizes so you will have many options to choose from. By offering models from a variety of different manufacturers, we have further increased the great selection of skimmer parts available to you.

As with all of our merchandise, our pool wall skimmers and skimmer parts are of the highest quality. We are proud to offer first-class products from trusted and respected manufacturers. We're also proud to offer the lowest shipped prices on the web with no hidden fees or charges so the price you see is the price you pay. At Save on Pool Supplies, we are committed to high quality customer service and offer great products at low prices so you can enjoy the benefits of outstanding quality as well as outstanding value.

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