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FlowSkim SP1082 Skimmer Basket

The FlowSkim Skimmer Basket's built-in handle allows you to empty the basket without touching the debris inside. It also provides a bypass for water when your skimmer basket is full of debris.The FlowSkim Pool Skimmer Basket has a built-in handle that projects upwards so you can lift it out without reaching in and touching wet leaves, bugs, and other yucky debris inside. And even more importantly, the handle provides a path for water flow when your skimmer basket is full of debris so you never lose suction. This protects your pump from running dry and burning out the motor, so you can have peace of mind during a windstorm or while you are away and you system is running. Fits Hayward SP1082CA.

The FlowSkim Basket Handle can be attached to your existing basket and provides a bypass for water flow when the skimmer basket is full of debris. FlowSkim protects the pump from operating dry which can cause damage. The FlowSkim design allows for easier removal from the skimmer, and makes emptying the basket cleaner, faster, and easier!
Add to Hayward models SP1070, SPX1082CA, SPX1096CA and Sta-Rite U-3.
  • The FlowSkim Basket handle is offered on two popular heavy duty baskets, and can be added to other models.
  • Patent-Pending Handle Design
  • Perfect for pools with a lot of falling leaves or palm fronds
  • Protects your pump from running dry
  • Aids in skimmer basket removal and cleaning
  • Made from superior strength plastic for years of service

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  • Warranty: 3 Month Limited Warranty
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    Qty. Item No. Item Name ONLY! 
    ZCMP5093   FlowSkim Vented Skimmer Basket Handle   $12.61  

    Note: Basket not included

    ZCMP5095   FlowSkim Skimmer Basket with Handle for Hayward SP1082 Pool Skimmers   $15.08  

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